Nora Lowy, PhD, MPA, PA-C

Director of the PA Program; Department Chair, PA Program
School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences 



  • Analysis of Evidence-Based Literature
  • Case Studies in Medical Ethics
  • Internal Medicine; Medical Science II – Physiology
  • Medical Science III – Pathophysiology & Genetics
  • Public Health & Healthcare Delivery Systems
  • Research I: Research Methods; Research II: Study Design
  • Research III: Data Collection & Analysis
  • Research IV: Results & Conclusions
  • Research Project
  • SCPE in Medicine & Ambulatory Care
  • SCPE in Medicine & Cardiology
  • SCPE in Medicine & Endocrinology
  • SCPE in Medicine & Hematology/Oncology
  • SCPE in Medicine & Infectious Disease
  • SCPE in Medicine & Long-Term Care
  • SCPE in Medicine & Neurology
  • SCPE in Medicine & Team-Based Practice


  • Critical thinking, aptitude, and performance
  • Implications of learning styles
  • Immersion learning
  • Service learning
  • Global Health
  • Effectiveness of Simulated Interactive Medicine


  • MPA, Long Island University
  • PhD, Seton Hall University

Academic Profile

Dr. Lowy is the founding director of the FDU PA Program and, since its inception, has led the process of program design, development, implementation, assessment, and accreditation. She obtained her Ph.D. in health sciences with a concentration in Health Professions Leadership from Seton Hall University in 2013 and her MPA with a concentration in Public Health from Long Island University in 2000. Her research interests are related to critical thinking, learning styles, immersive learning, and global health. She has taught a variety of courses related to the medical sciences, medical ethics, clinical medicine, and medical research. Dr. Lowy is experienced with the accreditation process for PA programs and was involved with the design, implementation, and evaluation of several program curriculums.

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