Patricia R. Bazán

Patricia R. Bazán

Professor of Language, Literature, and University Core
Department of Literature, Languages, Writing, and Humanities



  • Lower-level Spanish language courses (I & II)
  • Spanish Civilization and Culture
  • Latin American Civilization and Culture
  • Topics in Spanish Literature
  • Topics in Latin American Literature
  • Latin American Women Writers
  • The Short Story in Spanish
  • Spanish Cinema
  • The Short Story
  • Latin American Cinema
  • University Core Program: Cross-Cultural Perspectives
  • University Core Program: Global Issues


  • BA, New York University
  • MA, New York University
  • PhD, New York University


  • Hispanicization of the United States
  • Argentine Generation of 1880
  • Boom Generation (Cortázar, Borges, Carpentier, Gabriel García Márquez)
  • Post-boom generation (Women’s literature: Laura Esquivel, Isabel Allende, Cristina Peri Rossi)
  • Short story in Spanish

Academic Profile

Teaching language courses for more than thirty-five years has been and continues to be a joy and a constantly rewarding experience. My academic interests, however, have significantly shifted. Although my academic credentials are in Spanish and Latin American literature, I have also delved into interdisciplinary areas such as Cross-Cultural Perspectives and Global Issues within the University Core Program and enjoyed it. 

Even though I have had a successful academic career outside the classroom, I am now in pursuit of what I have always felt to be my ultimate calling: becoming a creative writer. Having presented at multiple conferences, both national and international, and published several books and articles on a variety of literary topics, I would like to make my contribution to the field. To that effect, in 2018 I published my first anthology, Cinco nébulas de obsesión and Lazarillo en Londres, a novella, in 2022. 

At the moment, I am giving the finishing touches to Misión cumplida con nébulas, a novel based on the life of my great grandfather, a condecorated hero in the War of the Pacific, seen from the point of view of a Peruvian-American woman.  

Finally, Silencio, a short story about a young woman who crosses the border between Mexico and the United States, will be published in the summer.

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