The 15-credit minor in film production will provide students with an introduction to the language of film-making. Upon completion of the minor, students will better understand the film-making process, be able to analyze the strengths of different genres in the medium, and be able to create short films in digital format.

Required Courses (12 credits)

  • FILM1005    Filmmaking I: Basic Production
  • FILM2250    Screenwriting I
  • FILM2208    Filmmaking II: The Professional Crew
  • FILM2310    Postproduction I

Elective Course (3 credits)

Any Survey course (films linked by a theme; a national cinema or subject) or

Any Auteur course (a course which considers the work of one filmmaker)

Course Descriptions

  • FILM1005 THE LANGUAGE OF CINEMA. Techniques in camera, story, and editing are stressed. Narrative and Documentary productions are assigned, as the class pursues both an understanding of basic production and storytelling concepts.

  • FILM2208 TECHNIQUES OF THE PROFESSIONAL CREW. This course focuses on pre-production, production, working as a team and at reaching an understanding of all the crafts and crew positions that go into production. Script breakdowns, scheduling, and advanced production techniques such as sound mixing, booming, lighting and camera work, as well as beginning editing skills are the focus of this class.

  • FILM2250 Students leanr the basics of screenplay structure, character development, dialogue, rising and falling action, conflict and resolution by writing scripts and reading and analyzing successful screenplays. Students complete short scripts that may be used in other classes as shooting assignments.

  • FILM2310 Course presents advanced nonlinear editing approaches to film and video, through the use of practical assignments and introducing a knowledge of the history of film editing and its practice.