The Post 9/11 world recognizes that modern leaders all play an important part in ensuring the security of their personnel, their organization and the public at large. To enhance our security skills it is important to have a greater understanding of the nature of the threat of domestic and transnational terrorism. This 18-credit, 6-course certificate provides a balance of courses employing action steps organizational managers can take to enhance their security capabilities.These credits can also be applied to the Master of Administrative Science degree program.

Choose six of the following courses:

  • MADS 6617 Emergency Management and Safety Administration [National Guard Bureau Approved Online Course]
  • MADS 6634 Community Threat Assessment & Risk Analysis [National Guard Bureau Approved Online Course]
  • MADS 6636 Global Preparedness for Catastrophic Emergencies [National Guard Bureau Approved Online Course]
  • MADS 6648 Disaster Recovery & Organizational Continuity [National Guard Bureau Approved Online Course]
  • MADS 6698 Special Topics:  Current Issues/Terrorism & Security
  • MADS 6701 Special Topics:  Intro. To Computer Network Security
  • MADS 6705 Homeland Security & Constitutional Issues
  • MADS 6715 Global Terrorism & Emergency Management

Course Descriptions