This 18-credit, 6-course certificate focuses on the critical area of leadership in homeland security. Leadership is essential for successfully carrying out programs or tasks. This certificate is designed to meet the personal and professional development goals of those individuals in the broad field of homeland security, such as first responders, law enforcement, emergency management, various security personnel, health and hospital worker, and the military. These credits can also be applied to the MS in Cyber and Homeland Security Administration degree program.

Choose any six courses:

  • CHSA 6619*  Collaborative leadership
  • CHSA 6620*  Organizational Leadership
  • CHSA 6621*  Human Resource Management
  • CHSA 6622*  Effective Team Building
  • CHSA 6623*  Implementing Organizational Change
  • CHSA 6624*  Effective Decision Making for Organizations
  • CHSA 6625   Organizational Communication
  • CHSA 6626*  Resolving Conflicts in Organizations
  • CHSA 6627*  Values and Ethics for Decision Making

* Also available in online modality.

Course Descriptions