This 18-credit, 6-course certificate program is designed for professionals leaders in the not for profit community. The needs for non-profit organizations vary from those of the private sector, and this certificate explores those areas that are unique to non-profit organizations and provides theoretical and applied practice on how these organizations operate. These credits can also be applied to the Master of Administrative Science degree program.

Choose six courses from the following:

  • MADS 6606 Administrative Leadership in Complex Organizations
  • MADS 6608 Organizational Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • MADS 6613 Marketing of Public, Not-for-Profit & Private Organizations
  • MADS 6616 Grant Writing and Administration [National Guard Bureau Approved Online Course]
  • MADS 6618 Leadership Plus [National Guard Bureau Approved Online Course]
  • MADS 6628 Building Strategic Partnerships [National Guard Bureau Approved Online Course]
  • MADS 6629 Planning and Program Development
  • MADS 6631 Advanced Fundraising Practices
  • MADS 6632 Technology Applications
  • MADS 6645 Marketing Social Change
  • MADS 6661 Managing Organizational Change
  • MADS 6662 Customer Service
  • MADS 6675 Optimum Leadership
  • MADS 6763 Grants and Sponsored Projects Operations
  • MADS 6781 Social Media Marketing

Course Descriptions