This 18-credit, six-course certificate is designed for safety and security professionals and school officials. This program encourages the importance of safety planning in the total school environment. Guidelines for responding and managing crises in a school setting are emphasized. Measures for reducing risks are addressed. These credits can also be applied to the Master of Administrative Science degree.

Choose six courses from the following:

  • MADS 6617 Emergency Management & Safety Administration [National Guard Bureau Approved Online Course]
  • MADS 6634 Community Threat Assessment & Risk Analysis [National Guard Bureau Approved Online Course]
  • MADS 6636 Global Preparedness for Catastrophic Emergencies [National Guard Bureau Approved Online Course]
  • MADS 6655 Contemporary Issues in Community Policing
  • MADS 6691 Preventing Future Columbines
  • MADS 6692 Cultural Diversity, Stereotype, and Profile
  • MADS 6707 Impact of Terrorism on School Safety
  • MADS 6714 ST:  First Responder Stress Awareness and Management

Course Descriptions