This 18-credit, 6-course certificate is designed for safety & security professionals and school officials. This program encourages the importance for safety planning in the total school environment. Guidelines for responding and managing crises in a school setting are emphasized. Measures for reducing risks are addressed. These credits can also be applied to the Master of Administrative Science degree program.

Choose six courses from the following:

  • MADS 6617 Emergency Management & Safety Administration [National Guard Bureau Approved Online Course]
  • MADS 6634 Community Threat Assessment & Risk Analysis [National Guard Bureau Approved Online Course]
  • MADS 6636 Global Preparedness for Catastrophic Emergencies [National Guard Bureau Approved Online Course]
  • MADS 6655 Contemporary Issues in Community Policing
  • MADS 6691 Preventing Future Columbines
  • MADS 6692 Cultural Diversity, Stereotype, and Profile
  • MADS 6707 Impact of Terrorism on School Safety
  • MADS 6714 ST:  First Responder Stress Awareness and Management

Course Descriptions