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The MA in Communication is offered on the Florham Campus.

The MA in Communication offers continuing students and returning professionals a theory-based curriculum that incorporates communication principles and practices into applied learning in cultural, interpersonal, and public contexts. The program emphasizes the development of skills in critical thinking, collaboration, leadership, ethics, interpersonal relations, and cultural intelligence, as well as enhancing students’ professional writing and presentation skills.

The MA in Communication program is designed to give students an opportunity to build communication expertise that is most relevant to and needed across professions in seven required courses focused on problem-solving, teamwork, writing and editing, research and analysis, oral and written presentation, and project management. Three elective or “context” classes show students how this expertise relates directly to specific areas of communication practice, including communication in public relations, international relations, human resources, internal communications, public service, and health care professions.

By balancing the study of theory and practice, the MA in Communication program is excellent preparation for students looking to enhance their careers with knowledge that will apply directly to their working lives or those interested in pursuing advanced degrees in communication or communication-related disciplines.

Who Should Apply?

The MA Communication is of interest to anyone with a professional or academic interest in the role of communication in cultural, interpersonal, and public contexts. For corporate communication professionals in areas such as public relations, marketing, human resources, investor relations, and media relations, the program will enhance strategic communication skills and have direct applicability to their working lives. For other students, the program is an end in itself; an opportunity to stretch the mind and gain a qualification which will enhance their current or future careers, or serve as preparation for advanced study at the doctoral level. The MA program welcomes applications from accomplished professionals and recent undergraduates who demonstrate excellent:

  • critical thinking
  • professional work experience
  • writing and presentation skills
  • intellectual curiosity
  • record of academic achievement
  • self-motivation

Applicants with experience in the corporate communication professions and/or significant educational training in communication, management, psychology, business, or other social sciences are given preference.

How to Apply

Applications to the program are reviewed by committee once an application is completed through Graduate Admissions. Please see online application process and submission information.

Applicants will be asked to complete the online application including undergraduate transcripts; two current letters of recommendation; an essay articulating the prospective student’s goals and expectations and the relationship of those goals and expectations to the program.

Application materials will be reviewed, and further information may be requested such as:

  • Professional Resume
  • Writing Samples
  • Interview with the Director of the MA in Communication program.

Please see additional information regarding the Graduate Admissions process.

Admission Requirements

  1. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.
  2. A cumulative undergraduate grade point ratio (CGPR) of at least 3.00 on a scale of 4.00.
  3. An essay articulating the prospective student’s goals and expectations and the relationship of those goals and expectations to the program.
  4. Two recent letters of recommendation.

Students may be admitted on a non-matriculated or probationary status with full matriculation upon maintaining a minimum CGPR of 3.00 and no grade below B in the first 9 credits.

Admission to the five-year BA-MA program requires an undergraduate CGPR of 3.00 or higher.

Requirements for the Master of Arts degree

  1. The completion of a minimum of 30 credits.
  2. The completion of the six required courses with a minimum grade of B in all six.
  3. Students must complete three context courses, one each in the cultural, interpersonal and public contexts.
  4. A minimum GPA of 3.00.
  5. The successful completion of the capstone experience.

Required courses, 18 credits

Context  courses 9 credits

The following courses will provide students with experience applying principles they learn to communication practices in cultural, interpersonal and public contexts. Students must take one course in each context.


  • MCOM 7001 Communication, Culture and Change
  • MCOM 7002 International Communication and Culture (at Wroxton College)
  • MCOM 7003 Communication and Globalization



The Global Experience

The MA program offers a unique, intensive, 12-day seminar in international communication and culture, held at Wroxton College, Fairleigh Dickinson University’s campus in Oxfordshire, England (MCOM7002 International Communication and Culture). The seminar includes panel discussion and lectures conducted by recognized international experts from business, academia, politics, and the media and offers a unique insight into professional communication experiences in other parts of the world.

Capstone Experience

MCOM 6099 The Capstone Experience: Principles into Practice

The capstone experience seeks to blend knowledge and theory with application and action. Students will be expected to apply concepts learned during the course of the program toward the completion (i.e. action) of a communication-based project of suitable scope within their own workplace or within another appropriate organizational site. In addition to integrating knowledge gained from coursework, the project students elect to undertake must also demonstrate the oral and written communication skills expected of those nearing the completion of a Master of Arts degree in Communication.

The capstone experience is taught as a blended, 3-credit course, and students will complete their projects under the supervision of the course instructor. All graduate faculty will be involved in the review of project proposals and final assessment.

Students will spend the first four to five weeks of the semester developing a project proposal and reviewing the relevant literature. Pending approval of the proposal by the graduate faculty, students will spend the next six to eight weeks of the semester executing the project outlined in their proposal. The final two to three weeks of the term will be spent on presentation and assessment of the project.

Potential projects can include:

  • Development and implementation of a training session, workshop, or webinar
  • Development and implementation of a communication plan or campaign
  • Development and production of a training video
  • Development and delivery of a multi-modal presentation
  • Completion of a communication audit

Students may enroll in MCOM 6099 only after 18 credits of coursework have been completed and the student has a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Students unable to complete their project within a single semester must have the approval of the course instructor and the graduate program director to be given an Incomplete. In the case that a student receives a grade of Incomplete, the student is expected to complete all outstanding work within the first four weeks of the subsequent semester.

Graduate Assistantships

The MA in Communication program offers competitive-based graduate assistantships to full-time graduate students. The assistantship pays a stipend and tuition for 9 graduate-level credits each semester. Graduate assistants work in the program director’s office under the supervision of the program director.


Several competitive scholarships are available for students who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to the fields of corporate communications, public relations, and/or advertising. Applications for the annual Alison Storipan Scholarship are accepted each Fall and funds are applied the following Spring semester. Applications for the Louis Tripodi Memorial Scholarship are accepted each Spring and dispersed during the subsequent Fall semester.