This 18-credit certificate in Homeland Security Studies prepares students for two distinct areas: terrorism and natural disasters. This certificate explores the roots of terrorism and how to combat it, as well as the impact and implications of man-made and natural disasters. Whether the event is terrorism or a natural disaster, there is a need to mitigate, prepare, respond, and recover.

At least three courses must be taken from the following:
PADM 4505 – Psychology of Terrorism
PADM 4587 – Introduction to Homeland Security
PADM 4588 – Comparative Governmental Homeland Security Systems
PADM 4589 – Legal Issues in Homeland Security

The remaining electives must be selected from the following:
PADM 3302 – Ethics and Values in Public Sector Administration
PADM 4501 – Terrorism and Emergency Management
PADM 4502 – Counter-Terrorism and Response
PADM 4503 – Weapons of Mass Destruction – Policy Issues
PADM 4509 – Political and Policy Basis of Emergency Management
PADM 4511 – Social Dimensions of Disaster
PADM 4590 – Religion and Terrorism
PADM 4591 – Changing Policing Philosophies

Course Descriptions