Social Media

Logo use on Social Media

Below is the official FDU Social Media mark. This should be used as the profile image for FDU social media channels. It is not intended for external or merchandise use. Please contact Sydnie Fatt, university social media manager, to obtain this logo for your department or office.

The mark may also be used on social media graphics. The University logo and University identity mark are also appropriate images for social media use. Student clubs and organizations can create their own social media profile image and graphics, so long as they follow the Graphic Standards Guide.





The University seal should NEVER be used on social media or flyers. The University seal is reserved for official presidential use such as legal documents and University diplomas.

Color and Font

When creating graphics for social media use, please use the correct Pantone colors. For Canva use, please see the HEX codes for our Pantone colors below. Social media graphics do not need to utilize the official FDU font. Fonts must be legible, and words on graphics should be kept to a minimum. 

Burgundy – #70273D

Blue – #28334A

Contact Information
Sydnie Fatt, University Social Media Manager
(973) 443-8661