Color and Font

Identity Colors

The University colors for use in the logo, seal and the identity marks using FDU are Pantone 294 and Pantone 201. You may also print them in a solid black or Pantone 294.

Because color shades can vary depending on the materials used, vendors should err on the darker side of the scale for Pantone 201 and 294. FDU colors should not appear bright red and royal blue. They should appear more burgundy and navy blue.

fdu identity colors





It is also permissible to use the logo in a reversed format, but be sure to use a dark color so the shield and words are readable. For assistance with colors for reversed logos, contact the University Office of Publications at (201) 692-7027.


The University identity typeface is Adobe® Caslon Pro (Illustration F), a serif face designed by William Caslon and dating back to 1722. Caslon is cited as the first original typeface of English origin. The typeface is characterized by short ascenders and descenders and bracketed serifs. There are a number of Caslon renditions available and in use today. The version used by the University identity is Adobe® Caslon Pro. Do not create the University identity using your computer’s Caslon font.

caslon font