FIS Admission Requirements

Students eligible to participate in the Freshman Intensive Studies (FIS) program are sent a letter by the Office of Admissions, informing them that they have not met regular admission requirements, but have an academic record that shows evidence of their ability to succeed in college in a highly structured academic support program.

High School GPA, SAT scores, the difficulty of courses taken, and co-curricular involvement are all considered in determining which students are selected to pursue their admission through FIS.

While some students are directly admitted into the program, others may be invited to campus for academic testing, in which their aptitude in English, reading and mathematics will be determined.   Based on the results of these tests, these students will either be invited to participate in FIS or be informed of their ineligibility for the program.

The FIS program provides a “provisional” admission to Fairleigh Dickinson University. Therefore, students should be fully aware of the expectations of the program and their responsibilities therein before making a decision to enroll.

What do former FIS students have to say?

“I think that the program helped a lot. I don’t think that other schools could have helped us as much as FIS.”

“Don’t come in expecting FIS to be like easy high school work.”

“I had a 60 (D) on my first test and with the help [from FIS] brought my second test up to a 100 (A)!”

“The FIS program was very beneficial. As a new college student, it was helpful to have guidance in all areas.”

“FIS is a great way to start college.”

“I think FIS helped me settle in smoothly. I think the program made it less overwhelming.”

“It was so helpful — everyone got individual attention and support.”

“FIS helped me a lot in my transition from high school to college. I don’t think I would have done as well as I did without FIS.”

“The program is amazing!”

Contact Information

University Admissions
(973) 443-8900