FIS Academic Advising

Academic Advising in the FIS Program

The FIS Advisors seek to:

  • Create an atmosphere of openness, caring, and concern
  • Assist students in planning a program consistent with students’ abilities and interests
  • Help students clarify values and goals
  • Direct students to resources at the Florham Campus
  • Know FDU’s academic standards, policies and procedures in sufficient detail to provide students with accurate and usable information
  • Study, Discuss, Verify, and Sign students’ registration forms
  • Teach students how to use Self-Service to search and register for courses

In turn, FIS students are expected to do the following:

  • Recognize personal responsibility for continuous evaluation of their academic progress and ultimate responsibility for their academic choices.
  • Clarify personal goals and values
  • Become familiar with FDU’s academic policies, procedures, and requirements
  • Know graduation requirements for their chosen field of study and maintain accurate, current records of progress toward those requirements
  • Initiate contact with an FIS advisor and seek help on a regular basis

The FIS Advising Program

New Student Summer Orientation (July)

FIS staff prepares a schedule for each student prior to New Student Orientation based upon the responses given on the FIS Registration Worksheet that all students complete, as well as results of the placement test taken as part of the admission process.

During orientation, students meet with FIS staff to discuss their schedules, placement test results, general academic requirements, the FIS academic program, and course sequencing.

Fall Advising Workshops (November)

Prior to registration for the spring semester, the FIS staff will meet with students in their Freshman Seminar class to discuss the advising process and provide general academic information.

Next, students will sign-up to meet with an FIS advisor in small groups designated by intended major. Following a formal advising presentation, students will work with the FIS advisor to create and build a schedule for the spring semester.

Spring Advising Information Sessions (April)

Students meet as a larger group with FIS advisors to discuss the transition to the college-based advising systems for Becton College of Arts and Sciences, Silberman College of Business, and the International School of Hospitality and Tourism. Students will receive advising for their sophomore year from their respective advising center.

When meeting with their new advisor, students whose grade point average is above a 2.0 may officially declare a major at that time.

Summer Advising Workshop (April)

Students seeking to take courses at FDU (Florham or Metropolitan Campus) during Summer Session will be advised through FIS.

The Summer Advising Workshop will take place in conjunction with the Spring Advising Information Sessions.

Becton College students taking classes off-campus at a community college or other four-year institutions should read the Off-Campus Course Authorization policy and receive appropriate sign-offs from the Becton Advising Center. Students in Silberman College (Business programs) and Petrocelli College for Continuing Studies (Hotel/Restaurant program) will follow that college’s process for obtaining the required signatures.