Graduate Advising

Advisor Contact Information

On-campus advisement

Our graduate advisors are here to help you. Send us an email or give us a call to schedule a meeting at either New Jersey campus location.

Metropolitan Campus

For the following programs: MS in Accounting, MS in Supply Chain Management, MBA programs (Accounting, Finance, General, International Business, Management, or Marketing), contact:

Gina C. Murray, PhD
Dickinson Hall, second floor

Florham Campus

For the following programs: MS in Accounting, MS in Taxation, MBA programs (Accounting, Finance, General, Management, Marketing, or Pharmaceutical Management), contact:

Sophia Li Ferry
Hennessy Hall

EMBA and Saturday MBA advising

Peter Caliguari

Online advisement

MS Digital Marketing and MBA online advising

Online Advisor,, phone: 833-272-5348

Graduate Student Orientation

Before you can register for classes

Please complete a Graduate Commuter Students Immunization Requirements and return it to the Wellness Center at the Florham or Metro campuses:

Create an FDU NetID. An FDU NetID will give you access to the following online tools:

  • WebMail: all student communication is conducted through your student email address.
  • WebAdvisor: Your private portal to access schedules, grades, financial aid, and billing information. After your first semester, you will also register for classes here.
  • WebCampus: Once you are registered for classes, this is the portal for accessing all course content. Professors post the class syllabus and any other assignments, readings, or videos.

For assistance, call the help desk at 1-877-725-4357 or 973-443-8822 at the University Technical Assistance Center (UTAC).

Student ID and parking permit

After you complete your orientation and registration with your advisor, apply for a student ID and parking permit at the Public Safety Office on your campus. Please provide your driver’s license, car registration, insurance card, and proof of course registration.

General program information

Please review the Academic Integrity Policy on our website. For a complete listing of academic policies and procedures, refer to the online graduate bulletin (PDF).

  • Students must earn a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (or a B average) to graduate.
  • There are no grades below a C at the graduate level in Silberman College of Business.
  • If a student receives a grade of F, the course must be repeated and the student must earn a grade of B or higher. Both grades will remain in the calculation of the cumulative grade point average.
  • Students have seven years to complete their program.
  • Student may formally request up to two leave of absences.
  • Students may be able to waive foundation courses if equivalent courses have been completed with a grade of B or better within the past five years. Speak with your advisor for details.

Books may be purchased at the bookstore or online. You will need the full course and section number.

General course information

MBA courses are generally two credits and offered in eight-week sessions. Students specializing in accounting or pharmacy management will take some three-credit courses that span the duration of the semester.

  • Traditional MBA courses are only offered in the evenings at the Florham campus and they are offered in the evenings and afternoons at the Metro campus.
  • Saturday MBA and Executive MBA courses are offered on Saturdays only at the Florham campus.

MS courses are three credits and offered in 15-week sessions.

  • Accounting courses are offered in the evenings at both campuses.
  • Tax courses are offered evenings and Saturdays at the Florham campus only.
  • Supply chain management courses are offered one evening a week and Saturdays.
  • Digital marketing courses are only offered online.

Registration procedures

You must meet with your advisor (either in-person, over the phone, or via email) to review your overall degree requirements. You must complete a registration form so that your advisor can register you for classes before your first semester. To view all course offerings, go to WebAdvisor.

To register for classes online as a continuing student:

  • Login to WebAdvisor.
  • Select “Register for Classes” on the bottom left of the page.
  • Select “Search and register for sections”.
  • Enter the Term you would like to register for.
  • Enter the course prefix, number, and section number (i.e. ACCT 5012 81) and hit enter. Repeat for each course. Submit when you have selected all your courses.
  • Read the disclaimer and select “Accept” to complete your registration. Select “Submit.”
  • Select “Action” next to the class you would like to register for and select “Register.” Select “Submit.”

If you have difficulty registering, contact your advisor.

Payment options

You can view payment options online. Graduate students are eligible to apply for federal funding(FAFSA). You may also qualify for additional funding. Please note that for financial aid purposes, you must be registered for at least 4.5 credits to be considered part-time and at least nine credits to be considered full-time.

Library access

You can access the FDU Library Catalog and FDU Online Library by visiting the FDU libraries webpage.

The Silberman College of Business Library is located in the lobby of Dickinson Hall on the Metro campus. Please contact the librarians, Maria Kocylowsky, or Michele Nestory for assistance.

Career services

FDU provides career services to current students and alumni. Visit the Silberman College of Business page for career and internship information. Students can reach out to the Office of Placement and Outreach by emailing Pat Wyer or Mary Sakin.