Campus Media Organizations

The Pillar

This is the campus newspaper published by students for students. The purposes of the publication are to: provide accurate information to the campus community about events and issues; print articles by and for the students that are of significant interest to students; educate its members in the methods, privileges, and responsibilities of journalism; and allow students to gain experience in all areas of newspaper work.

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Iron Horse Creative Anthology

Iron Horse is a student-run Literary Magazine and Creative Anthology. We set a theme for each issue we put out and aim to publish two volumes a year, once per semester. Iron Horse allows students to submit any kind of writing or art to the magazine.

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FDU Florham Radio Club

Interested in podcasts, radio shows, etc.? This is the place for you! Radio club teaches you how to develop and execute your own shows and podcasts!

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The official TV channel for Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Florham Campus.

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