Academic and Professional Organizations

Accounting Society

The duty of the FDU Accounting Society is to help FDU students, both accounting and non-accounting majors, understand, prepare and use financial information by linking accounting education with the “real world.” During each semester, the Accounting Society invites accounting firms, companies, organizations and other accounting societies to visit campus and present to the club.

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Cyber Security Club

The purpose of Cybersecurity Club is to educate students interested in the field of cybersecurity. The club performs activities related to red team and blue team ethical hacking and prepares students for well-known certifications such as Security+, Network+, PenTest+, and others. In addition, students interested will be able to participate in Hack-a-thons, as well as other challenges and competitions. Everyone is welcome, whether they are new to cybersecurity, want to learn for fun or have a background in cybersecurity and want to improve and apply their skills! 

FDU Filmmakers

The purpose of this club is to allow students interested in the art of filmmaking, a place to share, discuss and collaborate on projects for artistic expression.

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Finance and Investments Club

The purpose of Finance and Investments Club is to educate and provide a forum for students who are interested in the finance industry.

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Girls Who Code

Graduate Business Club

The purpose of the Graduate Business Club is provide a forum for graduate students at FDU to learn about various business issues that will develop students into leaders. The club strives to strengthen the connection between students, FDU, and the business community through social, academic, and professionally-geared activities.

Graphic Design Club

The organization will expose students to the world of graphic design as well as other related arts.  The organization will provide an outlet for new ideas through forum and discussion, and assist in planting the seeds of creativity in the community.

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History Club

A club for students interested in all things history. Participate in history-related trivia, movie watch parties, trips, and other events.

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Hospitality Society

The purpose of this organization is to make all students aware of the scope of opportunities within the travel and hospitality industry and to encourage a general interest in the experiences that are consistent with lodging, fine dining, and travel.

Marketing Club

The purpose of the Marketing Club is to educate and provide an outlet for students who wish to become more informed with the nature of marketing.  This will give students an opportunity to engage hands-on and other marketing related experiences.

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Mock Trial

Mock Trial is an academic student organization in which students argue a hypothetical case created by the American Mock Trial Association. Students involved will prepare and play all roles in the trial, including both attorneys and witnesses, and will work collectively to draft the various parts of the trial, from opening statement to closing argument. The witnesses work with the attorneys to present the evidence of the case through testimony. 

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New Jersey Student Education Association (NJSEA)

The purpose of NJSEA is for students in the QUEST program to network with each other and to expand upon their knowledge of teaching. The club has guest speakers who are educators and also organizes school supply drives to give back to the community.  

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Pre-Health Society

The purpose of the Pre-Health Society is to provide students interested in the health sciences the opportunity to explore and grow their interests in the field, as well as gain exposure. Activities include guidance throughout the application process, test preparation for entrance exams, trips to various health settings (ie. radiology department at a local hospital), guest speakers, and field trips. 

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Psychology Alliance

The Psychology Alliance Club is an academic organization that focuses on the subject of psychology and mental health. Meetings consist of open discussions on different topics regarding psychology and mental health each week. The club also hosts campus events on occasion. Club members are given the opportunity to learn more about psychology in a unique and safe setting while meeting others with similar academic interests. 

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Science Club

FDU’s all-encompassing club for STEM majors and enthusiasts of many interests within the sciences. Our goal is to educate fellow students about topics in science in a fun way. Non-science majors welcome.

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Wealth Management Advisory Club

Develop an understanding of setting goals to achieve financial success. Become aware of different career opportunities in Wealth Management. Discover your passion and build your network and hear from experienced professionals. 

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Women in Business Club (WIB)

We are committed to empowering women in business and strive to embody the spirit of community, opportunity, and development. Our goal is to help women rise in business by inspiring and motivating each other to thrive in our academic and professional careers.

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