Finance and Investment Club

Business Clubs: Florham Campus


The purpose of this undergraduate club is to educate and provide a forum for students who are interested in the finance industry. Members will have an opportunity to discover and learn about available careers in finance through club-sponsored trips and invited speakers. The Finance Club will also provide an opportunity for students with similar interests to meet and socialize. One of the important underlying drivers of club activities is to advocate social good to the community through fund raising and support to local charities.


• A fundraising event for the American Heart Association at homecoming.
• A Finance Club movie night where we watched The Boiler Room & then discussed ethics.
• Career Development speakers on a variety of topics, including co-op opportunities.
• An annual trip to the Federal Reserve & NYSE or another trading floor.


The Finance Club meets the first Wednesday of every month. The meetings are usually in the Florham Room at 8:15 pm.

*No fees are collected from members.


Kenneth Betz,