Accounting Society (Metro)


The Accounting Society is an organization comprised of both undergraduate and graduate students who are currently attending or planning on attending Fairleigh Dickinson University in the future. The purposes of the Accounting Society are to:

  1. Broaden student members’ knowledge about current events related to accounting.
  2. Enhance professional and career development skills.
  3. Promote friendly relations between students, faculty, and alumni within the Fairleigh Dickinson University family.

The Accounting Society will help better prepare the students at Fairleigh Dickinson University to be creative, dedicated, and hard-working business professionals. We see accounting as a vital part of business and hope to make our peers in the Accounting Society the best prepared candidates for the variety of challenges and opportunities that they will face in their future professional career.


The Accounting Society offers professional development activities such as presentations on various accounting topics, job interviewing, and more information on FDU’s 150 Credit Hour Accounting Program.

Questions and Information

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