Social Organizations

Florham Programming Committee (FPC)

The purpose of this board is to plan, organize, and execute activities that meet the varied and diverse needs and interests of the student body. The board also encourages an atmosphere of cooperative programming among all student clubs and organizations. The office is located on the first floor of the Student Center.

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Anime Club

Anime club is a fun social club that has many fun events while growing a community that shares a love of Japanese animation. 

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Cartoon Club

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Comic Book Club

We talk all things comic books!

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Creative Writing Club

We meet weekly to talk about different types of writing, authors, and elements in a fun way, as well as participate in prompts and games. We create a safe space to share and ask questions about members’ stories. All students are welcome!

Fairleigh Artists Association

Fairleigh Artists Association strives to create a positive environment for people to express themselves creatively, regardless of major or skill level. The association creates sketches, watercolor paintings, acrylic artworks and more! Painting supplies are provided.

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Fairleigh Dance Project

Fairleigh Dance Project is a student-organized dance troupe focused on addressing social issues through the medium of multi-genre choreography.

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Fairleigh Dramatics

Fairleigh Dramatics is FDU’s student-run theater organization. Fairleigh Dramatics intends to involve the student body of Fairleigh Dickinson University in all aspects of theater and provide the University with performances, as well as artistic showcases. Fairleigh Dramatics aims to create more artistic opportunities for those majoring in and interested in theater and promote an overall understanding of the importance of theater in our community through events, performances and showcases.

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FDU Esports

Esports brings together students who play competitive games and provides a forum for friendly competition in a range of games.

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FDU Fantasy Sports

Play fantasy sports including basketball, baseball, and football for prizes, participate in campus-wide events and enjoy and talk sports with fellow members!

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Origami Club

Learn how to fold origami at club meetings.

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Ping-Pong Club

The purpose of the FDU Ping-Pong Club is to provide students with the opportunity to have a recreational, stress-free period to play ping-pong and spend time with their friends at club meetings and tournaments.

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Science Fiction and Fantasy Club

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Club unites and entertains those with a love for science fiction and fantasy in all forms of media. Our goal is to provide acceptance, community, and entertainment for students with science fiction and fantasy interests.

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Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

SAAC is an athletic-based group designed for student-athletes to take an active role in the Athletic Department and their community.  The purpose of the group is to promote an exchange of thoughts and viewpoints from both athletes and the Athletic Department.  The group will also provide members with more opportunities to participate in community service and school functions.

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Traditional Gaming Club

Traditional Gaming Club is a fun social club where students come together to have fun playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Mafia, card games and more!

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Urban Gaming

Urban gaming is all about getting outside and playing games like Ultimate Frisbee, Dodgeball, Manhunt, Humans vs. Zombies, Nerf tag, and more.

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Video Games Club

The Video Games Club plays a variety of video games. We play games ranging from action and adventure games, sports games, party games, racing games, classical games, and fighting games.