Graduate Business Club (Florham)


To provide a forum for graduate students at FDU to learn about various business issues that will develop students into leaders. The club strives to strengthen the connection between students, FDU, and the business community through social, academic, and professionally-geared activities.


The club has hosted a number of engaging speaker events including the former CEO of Schering Plough, Fred Hassan; the co-founder of the Keurig coffee maker, Dick Sweeney; and a career coach, Daphne Mobley.

On top of speaker events, the club looks to host social events throughout the semester.


The Graduate Business Club does not have set meeting times, instead we do most of our coordination via email and teleconferences.

*No fees are collected from members.

Pic for GBC FULL

Club members meet with Dick Sweeney, MBA Alumnus and co-founder of Keurig, the innovative company that brought fresh single cup coffee to the world.