Priority Points

Policy Description

To receive housing at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Florham Campus, returning students participate in the open room selection process. A student’s outcome in this process is largely based upon the number of Priority Points they earn.

What are Priority Points

The priority point system is a value-based system that is designed to reward those students who consistently meet high academic standards, participate in campus life and its programs, and have an excellent disciplinary history. Students may earn priority points by maintaining a high grade point average, joining campus clubs and organizations, participating in residence hall activities, and adhering to the Student Code of Conduct. Through this program, students can earn an opportunity to live where and with whom they desire while at Fairleigh Dickinson University because the student’s priority points total helps determine how early in the room selection timeline they may select a room, and whether or not they are able to self-select their roommate(s). Below is a complete outline and explanation of the priority point system.


The Office Campus Life will simply take each student’s cumulative grade point average as of the time of point calculation, usually on or about March 1st annually. Students attempting to have grades changed need to know that we cannot consider grade changes unless they are completed by the calculation date.

The higher the student’s cumulative grade point average the more Priority Points they earn.

Cumulative GPAPoints
3.85 - 4.015
3.70 - 3.8414
3.55 - 3.6913
3.40 - 3.5412
3.25 - 3.3911
3.05 - 3.2410
2.90 - 3.049
2.75 - 2.898
2.60 - 2.747
2.45 - 2.596
2.30 - 2.445
2.15 - 2.294
2.00 - 2.143
1. 85 - 1.992
1.70 - 1.841
Less than 1.700

Freshmen who have a 1.99 or lower will have the opportunity to submit a mid-semester progress report from their advisor to earn an extra point in this category. These requests will be considered only after consultation with the student’s advisor.

Spring Term Transfer students may submit a transcript from their prior institution.


Judicial status is based on the student’s current disciplinary record as of the time Points are being calculated. It is the student’s responsibility to know and understand the policies and procedures of the Office of Campus Life, and of the University. Behavior consistent with those of policies and procedures will result in good judicial standing, and in turn the ability to earn credit toward more Priority Points.

Current Sanction LevelPoints
No Disciplinary Record10
Disciplinary Reprimand9
More than 1 Disciplinary Reprimand8
Campus Probation for 1 semester6
Campus Probation for 1 academic year4
Campus Probation for more than 1 academic year1
University or Res. Life Suspension0
University or Res. Life Expulsion0

Students who have any questions about their disciplinary status are encouraged to meet with the Assistant Dean of Students for Residential Education prior to submitting their housing application for Room Selection. Current disciplinary sanction that is final by the date the housing room selection process begins will affect the Priority Point totals in this category.


Residence Hall Citizenship is taking a role on the floor and building in which you live. Every resident has a responsibility to the residence hall community, and those who are most involved in fulfilling that responsibility will benefit the most. Not only will those students enjoy the residence halls more, they will be rewarded with more Priority Points in the category.

Residence Hall Citizenship Points reflect attendance at residence hall programs and activities (not including hall meetings). Based on your level of citizenship throughout the academic year students can be awarded up to 5 Priority Points in this category.

Activity LevelPoints
Res. Hall Program Attendance (based on number of Res Life programs attended)1 - 5

Frequently Asked Questions

Some points to consider about Residence Hall Involvement:

What is active and regular involvement?

We define that as participation on a weekly basis. That participation may be going to a program, helping a resident assistant with a bulletin board, organizing your fellow residents to go to a movie, volunteering for a service project or more.

How will this be measured?

Attendance will be recorded during residence hall programs and activities. Points will be awarded based on the average number of programs attended by residents of each hall. In other words, the more programs you attend, the more credit you’ll earn towards Priority Points.

What if a student isn’t able to attend many programs?

Students can be involved in various ways outside of program attendance. Those students who help their RA in creating and preparing for programs and students who take part in their community building process. RAs are able to recognize these outstanding residents by awarding them 2 points.

IV. Campus Involvement

Active participation in a university club, Greek letter organization, honor society, varsity or intramural team, campus volunteer experience, and a campus job, as well as regular attendance at Devil's on-campus athletic events will enable students to earn Priority Points in this category. The max. number of points in this category is 10 and participation in the activities must be continuous.


Students attending Wroxton and/or study abroad will receive 6 points for campus involvement and 3 points for residence hall involvement.


All students who qualify for room selection will also be assigned additional points based on their class standing. Class standing is determined by the amount of completed credits a student has. The points will be assigned as follow:

Class LevelPoints
1st Year Students1
Seniors/Grad Students4

Priority Point totals will only be provided to students that have paid their Residence Hall Deposit and completed the Returning Student application by the April 1 deadline.

Contact Information
Office of Campus Life: Housing Office
(973) 443-8586
FDU Florham Campus 285 Madison Avenue M-SCO-02 Madison, NJ 07940
(973) 443-8867