Tutoring Appointments

What do you need to know before you schedule your first tutoring session?

First, complete an application in Room 502, Robison Hall, Fifth Floor. Be prepared with a copy of your schedule when completing your application.

  • Appointments meet weekly for one hour, per subject.
  • Tutoring is available in all subject areas.
  • Regular attendance is encouraged.
  • The ARC Computer Lab is available to any student working with a tutor.
  • EOF students must meet with their EOF Counselor to set up their tutoring appointments.
  • It is recommended that you complete the application for tutoring services in person in Robison Hall, Fifth Floor, Room 502, Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm. However, if you are unable to complete the application in person, you may download and print the Application for Tutoring Services and fax it to (201) 692-2425. Please remember to read, sign, and date the second page of the application.
  • Please follow up with a phone call to (201) 692-2076 to make certain that your fax was received, and to schedule your tutoring appointment.

What do you need to know before you attend your scheduled tutoring session?

As a current Fairleigh Dickinson University student, tutoring services are offered to you free of charge. The following policies ensure you receive the tutoring service you have requested:

  • Tutoring for each course will be for one hour per week.
  • I am required to attend all tutoring sessions, except if notified of a tutor’s absence.
  • I will always come with a copy of the course syllabus, notes from class meetings, and my text book.
  • I may not request an excused absence in advance by telephoning my tutor or the ARC staff.  For instance, if I fear I have “nothing” to work on that week, the time will still be used well by meeting with my tutor and reviewing the course material.
  • If I have a valid, documented absence excuse (academic, athletic or medical) I may present it to the Director after I have received an absence notice. Only valid, documented excuses will be considered.
  • When I have three (3) absences for a course, my tutoring appointment will be canceled for that course for the remainder of the semester.
  • Copies of my tutoring updates &/or absence forms are sent to my professor(s).
  • While the Academic Resource Center will try to accommodate my schedule, desired tutoring times, and tutor preferences, all tutoring appointments must meet the scheduled availability of the tutor.
  • Appointment times and assignments are subject to change at any time. I will be notified if such a change is necessary.