Apply for Internship

Internship Registrations must be set up and approved at least three months prior to its expected start date to allow for placements to be arranged for the student.

  • International students: Practicums must be completed before the end of their last academic term. It is important to plan and start the application process one semester in advance to start on the semester afterwards. All International Students are also required to obtain a Co-op work permit.
  • Medical Insurance:  All students are required to hold valid Health insurance.

Planned Start Time (Semester)

Registration Period


From October 1st to November 1st


From February 1st to March 1st


From June 1st to July 1st

  1. Visit the Career Services office to obtain an application form and to find out about your options.
  2. Meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss the Internship
    1. Your Advisor will help determine suitability of completing an Internship and if the student meets the program requirements
  3. Complete the “Internship Application” form. Link to the application form
    1. Return the Internship Application Form to the Career Services Office
  4. Apply for a COOP Work Permit
    1. All students participating in an Internship must also have a COOP Work Permit
      1. There is no charge for the COOP Work Permit, but you must receive it before you can start your placement
      2. It may take between 30 to 90 days to receive the permit, so please allow enough time between the start of your application and the scheduled start date of your internship so that you can obtain your coop work permit prior to the start of your internship.
      3. To apply for the COOP Work permit you will need a Confirmation of Internship Enrollment Letter which you can obtain from the Enrollment Services Office
      4. To apply online, go to
  5. Registration
    1. Once the Internship Application is approved, Students must also submit a Course Registration form to the Enrollment Services Office
    2. Please note, as a placement fee may need to be paid to a placement company, if you cancel your application after registering, you will be subject to a cancellation penalty.

Cancellations and Withdrawals

Refund PeriodUnpaid InternshipsPaid Internships
After Internship application but prior to the 1st consultation with the placement company 100% Refund
$863 – 1 MAS credit
or $736 x 3 UG credits
100% Refund
$500 - placement fee
$863 – 1 MAS credit
or $736 x 3 UG credits
Prior to the 1st interview with a potential company for the Internship$75 Charge$75 Charge
After a successful interview or after an Internship has been confirmed$250 Charge$250 Charge
After the start date on the InternshipNo RefundNo Refund