Internship Program FAQs

Helpful Tips

  • While Internships will normally try to follow the dates of the academic term in which the student is registered, the Internship can start before the beginning of a term and end after the end date of the term. It is preferred that the final grade be submitted at the end of the next academic term it takes place, however if one cannot be submitted the instructor should assign an incomplete grade.

  • There are two parts to your internship:  Practical work experience and Academic (theoretical) components. The practical component gives you the opportunity to observe and participate in a related work environment. The Academic component provides the opportunity to re-examine theoretical concepts that you have learned in a real work environment.

    Each Internship will be different depending on the company and what type of work they will assign. You may be assigned a project to work on, conduct research, or assist with some administrative work. It is important to remember that the objective is to provide you with experience in a related work environment. You may be assigned a variety of tasks ranging from simple tasks to more complex tasks. These duties are to allow you to gain an understanding of how various aspects of a business or organization operates. These experiences will provide you with real life examples that you will use as a part of your academic reporting. Companies may at first assign simpler tasks to ease you into their workplace environment or to assess your skills to determine how best to challenge you. Keep an open mind to duties assigned to you and be sure to ask your internship supervisor to give you additional responsibilities!

    • Each course will have its own specific curriculum and academic requirements.
    • The Faculty Advisor will be responsible for ensuring that the curriculum requirements of their program are explained to the student and are met.
    • The student will be evaluated as follows:
      • Weekly Reflection reports  30 %
      • A Final Internship Report  30%
      • A Site Supervisor Evaluation Report 40%
    • Upon completion of the program students will receive a final grade. If the program requirements are not completed, the course will be recorded as a fail.
    • The Faculty Internship Mentor will be responsible for monitoring the students’ progress as per academic requirements for each program
    • The Faculty Internship Mentor will liaise with the placement of placement company regarding any specific reporting requirements
    • An initial review with the student will take place after the 1st week of the Internship and then at least once every two weeks thereafter.
    • Any issues with the placement should be brought to the attention of the Manager of Career Services for immediate follow up.
  • The placement may be arranged in three different ways:

    Through University placement company   

    • This is a company that specializes in finding Internship placements for students. The company will meet with you, identify placement options and prepare you for an interview with the company.

    Through FDU Career Services

    • Career Services does not actively seek out and place students in Internships, but may directly receive an inquiries from an interested companies for student candidates. Such opportunities will be advertised and students may apply for these placements through the Career Services office.
    • Career Services meets with student to identify appropriate placements and provides interview and placement coaching.

    By the Student

    • Students may also find a placement opportunity by themselves. In this case, the student needs to obtain a letter of offer from the company and submit it with their Internship Application form, along with a company profile, and a position description outlining the scope of the work.
    • Placement is reviewed by the Coordinator or Faculty Mentor for suitability to meet the academic requirements of the program