Expectations of Students

The success of the Internship

The success of obtaining an Internship greatly depends on timing. We encourage our students to submit their Internship applications at least 3 months prior to the start of the Internship. Also, students need to check their e-mails on a regular basis since they need to work closely with our placement company or our career services office. It is also important for students to remain open and flexible to the different Internship opportunities offered to them.

Now that you have been placed, the successful completion of your internship will be dependent on your attitude and work ethic. Keep an open mind! Show that you are interested in your assigned tasks and make quality effort throughout your assignments. When your internship mentors observe your success, they may provide you with additional challenges and duties. The more enthusiasm and accomplishments you show during your internship, the more opportunities that you may be given.  Sometimes, an Internship may not necessarily be your dream job, however, it will give you the chance to apply many of the concepts and ideas learned during your MAS or Undergraduate program.

It is also important to know that internships are not a guarantee to obtain permanent employment after your placement is completed. Some employers may hire successful interns after the term is over, while some may not. This greatly depends on the timing and hiring needs of the company. You will have gained invaluable experiential learning in your program field and will be able to use your internship as a practical experience and as a professional reference when you apply for jobs after graduation.

Representing the University in the work place

Always keep in mind that this is a real work environment where you are expected to perform and conduct yourself in a professional manner.

Remember to:

  • Consult with the Faculty Advisor and apply for an Internship.
  • Contact the Placement Company or site about the position.
  • Register for the class through appropriate process.
  • Ensure transportation is available to the work site.
  • Be punctual at the work place; Do not be LATE
  • Comply with all work requirements.
  • Dress appropriately for the position.
  • Complete a weekly reflection paper that provides the student’s perception of the workweek along with other academic reporting requirements.
  • Complete Internship Report at end of the term