Medical Insurance

All international students will be automatically provided and billed medical insurance through United Health Care for the coverage period of  August 15, 2019 to August 14. 2020 (fall semester and returning students) or January 1, 2020 to August 14, 2020 (spring semester students). The medical insurance will be charged to your student account after course registration and you will be able to access the United Health Care First Student website (see below) within 48 hours after registration.

FDU Medical Insurance Policy

  • International students on FDU F-1 and J-1 sponsored immigration records are required to enroll in the FDU United Health Care medical insurance plan.
  • F-1 or J-1 students who are sponsored by a government agency and are provided medical insurance through that agency may be eligible for waiver as long as their medical insurance meets the waiver criteria.
  • International students who are in other non immigrant visa categories that have medical insurance through a government agency or have medical insurance through a US based employer may also qualify for a waiver.


You may enroll yourself in the University’s United Health Care plan and create a personal account by visiting

New Students must complete the Two STEP Process

Current and Returning Students only need to complete STEP 1 – your previous personal account with UHC with your previously created Username and Password will remain.

(All students must wait two business days between Enrollment into the insurance plan and access to My Account)

Two STEP Process – Enrollment and Creation of Insurance Account

After completing this two Step process you will be enrolled in the Medical Insurance Plan and be able to access and schedule appointments with participating doctors, obtain prescriptions from participating pharmacies, print your insurance card, and more.

Deadline to complete Enrollment is October 15, 2019.  This applies to any student returning for the Fall 2019 semester or any new student beginning in the Fall 2019 semester

February 28, 2020 is the deadline for new students who are beginning in the Spring 2020 semester.

STEP 1: Enrollment

  1. Enroll yourself into the United Health Care medical insurance by entering your date of birth and Student ID number


  2. Complete the following information

    –  Check the box for   A – Annual (8/15/2019 – 8/14/2020)

    –  Check the box – I elect to purchase insurance coverage under this student insurance plan.  Above are the choices I have made. *

    –  Type in your full name under Payer Signature

    ***** By completing this online form you will not be required to make a payment. Your insurance charge of $1581 (Full year) or $980 for students starting in the Spring semester, is located on your FDU account.  You must make the payment to Enrollment Services.


  3. Your enrollment verification will appear on the next page and you should print this page for your records.

STEP 2: Create an Account – only for New Students – ***Must wait two business days between Enrollment into the insurance plan and access to My Account.***

Leave Enrollment page and return to

  1. Click on My Account
  2. Click on “Create your My Account”


  3. Create Your Account using your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and FDU ID number or FDU Email address


  4. Create a Username and Password based on the requirements


  5. You now have access to the United Health Care website where you may make appointments with participating doctors, submit claims for medical bills, review your prescription plan and search for participating pharmacies, print a temporary insurance card, order your permanent insurance card, and much more.

****Please note:  The United Health Care plan does not cover dependents. Should you require coverage for your dependents you will need to seek private insurance coverage outside the FDU United Health Care plan.****

Students Graduating in December or January

(Students who are completing their program in the Fall semester will be charged a full year of medical insurance. After completing your academic program in the fall semester you may either keep the insurance until August 14, 2020 or you may submit a request for reimbursement for a half year of insurance by emailing the Associate Director of Enrollment Services Ms. Ellen Miller at– (please be aware that students who transfer out or withdraw from the university after the Fall semester will not be reimbursed).
Due date to request a reimbursement is February 28, 2020 – no requests will be considered after this date for a half year reimbursement.

Visiting Fall or Spring semester Students

Students who are coming from FDU Partnership programs for only the Fall or Spring semesters will be charged for the half year rate – Fall $601 or Spring $980 (cost difference is due to the length of the plan).  If you are approved to stay for an additional semester you will need to speak with ISS to have the insurance for the second semester added.



Fairleigh Dickinson University requires all international students regardless of credit hours (including English as a Second Language, American Studies Program, and visiting faculty/scholars) to have adequate health insurance. If you are eligible to waive enrollment in the Student Health Program for yourself, we require that the alternative health coverage meet the following minimum criteria. Foreign insurance, non-New Jersey HMO’s, and travel insurance plans are not acceptable as alternative coverage as they do not meet the minimum requirements. (only students with comprehensive US based employer insurance or government sponsored programs that provide medical insurance are eligible – see Medical Insurance Policy at top of this page)

If you qualify for a waiver the deadline to submit is October 15, 2019 for students starting in the Fall semester and February 28, 2020 for students starting in the Spring semester.