10 college life hacks every FDU student needs to know

July 29, 2019 — In a few short weeks, it’ll be time to move into the dorms, head to class and hit the books! Ahead of the back-to-school crush, University resident assistants are sharing their best college life hacks and advice. Get the most out of each semester at FDU with these tips and tricks!


A young woman holds up a snazzy personal planner.

Mercedez Zea
Senior Communication Major
Metro RA in Linden 7

“As students we juggle many things — school, sports, work, family and extracurricular activities. We put so much on our plates that it’s easy to stress out and feel disorganized. I’ve found that using a planner helps ease my stress. Planning in advance is a great way to learn time management. Use a planner that fits your needs; write down little reminders and to-do lists as the day goes on.”


A young man holds up a British-themed coffee mug and an FDU water bottle.

Robert Quiles
Senior Theater Arts Major
Florham RA in the Village

“Invest in a reusable water bottle that is BPA-free. Insulated bottles are very good as they keep drinks hot or cold for long periods of time. FDU has a whole variety of water bottles in the bookstore, so you can flaunt your FDU pride while also helping the environment.

“For students living in the dorms, a large, microwave safe mug is another useful item to have. You can use it for tea or hot chocolate in the wintertime, and you can use it to make or reheat food.”


A young woman takes a mirror selfie.

Yaneydis Rodriguez
Senior Criminal Justice Major
Metro RA in Linden 2, University Court 6 and Linden 8

“You never know who you are going to see or meet throughout your day, so before leaving your dorm or home, ensure that you are ready for anything! The key to this? Have a great full-body mirror to rely on, so you can look your best. Having a big mirror is also key for taking the best selfies!”


Three students pose for a photo inside of a gymnasium.

Jillian Keshecki
Senior Chemistry Major
Florham RA in Park Avenue

“Don’t let your dorm become your cave! Attend the club and organization fair, as well as Meet the Greeks, and take advantage of all of the free events on campus! Getting out of my comfort zone gave me so many opportunities to meet new people and find my niche at FDU! It led me to becoming president of the Green Club, a resident assistant, and involved in Greek life!


A young woman stands next to an electric diffuser and bottles of essential oils.

Helena Chiappa
Senior Hotel and Restaurant Management Major
Florham RA in Village Building 8

“My healthy-living life hack is to use an essential oil diffuser. It makes my dorm smell great! My diffuser is residence hall-safe, and won’t set the smoke alarms off — it lets out steam. Diffusers can be really helpful for relieving stress, depending on which scents and oils you choose. I use lavender and eucalyptus to keep me calm, make me focus for studying, and help me sleep!”


A young man holds up a pair of shower shoes.

Shawn Ajavon
Senior Finance Major
Metro RA in Northpointe

“I recommend getting shower slippers or slides for use in the communal bathrooms. And I highly suggest a mattress topper and mattress pad combo for a terrific sleep and very comfortable bed.”






Ashley Crespo
Junior Psychology Major
Metro RA in Linden 8

“An organizational method that really helps me is taking notes with different colored pens. The visual of all the fun colors helps me focus more and retain information better!

“I’m also all about having a comfy bed so I love my foam mattress pad and memory foam pillow. My body pillow is pretty great, too. These items make the standard dorm bed feel like a cloud!”

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