On the sidelines with
Anthony Van Curen

(Photo: Sherry Saccoliti)

September 16, 2022 — In the spring of 2022, Anthony Van Curen was named as the sixth head coach for the Devils football program history. Van Curen previously served in many roles for the Devils including: video coordinator, defensive line coach, academic coordinator, recruiting coordinator, special teams assistant, defensive coordinator and interim head coach. FDU What’s New took some time to see what life is like on the sidelines with Coach Van Curen.


Anthony Van Curen: I was born in New Jersey but grew up in New York. 

AVC: Practice for our team is two and a half hours long and full of different segments. Since there are multiple phases to a football game like offense, defense, and special teams, we must work on each individually and through the use of team periods. 

AVC: For me, the expectations are simple. I want our players to be three things. First and foremost, we need to be a family. That means we need to love and support one another so we can help each other persevere through the adversity that we will all face. Secondly, I expect our players to be dedicated. Not just to our program but to anything they choose to take on in their lives. Last but not least, I ask them to be uncommon. Uncommon teams accomplish things that average teams do not and Uncommon people stand out where average people do not.  

AVC: Our games are fun, our players have a lot of fun in games because we have all worked so hard during the week to prepare. So when it’s time for the games we go out, execute our responsibilities and have fun doing it. 

AVC: Before I came back to FDU, I was at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, so I was able to coach in almost all the Big Ten Conference stadiums. A lot of those were on my bucket list, but I would have to say Lambeau Field, in Green Bay, Wisconsin — where the Green Bay Packers play. 


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