Submit Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

Please submit your video greetings (no more than 30 seconds in length and please film horizontally) to Julie Kayzerman at through Outlook OneDrive by Friday, May 15. You can also share messages on social media using the hashtag #FDUGrad. The clips will be shared with the Class of 2020 on social media and FDU’s website.

Maximum length: 30 seconds

Format: MUST be filmed horizontally

For questions, DM @fduwhatsnew or email 

Guidelines to follow:


  • Keep these clips to a maximum of 30 seconds.
  • MUST be filmed horizontally.
  • Have someone else film your video so you can utilize the higher quality cameras on the back of phones versus the front camera.
  • Take time to find good lighting, allowing your face to be clear while not over-exposed. Best to avoid shooting the video outdoors.
  • Record yourself on a solid white wall for a background and stand at minimum three feet away from the wall.
  • Make sure loud noises such as AC’s, fans, etc. are off to provide the best possible clearest audio. Do a sound test by recording a test clip and playing it back to hear how clear they sound. If mid-way through a message some loud noticeable noise occurs, please start over.
  • Steady, steady, steady! This is key, holding the phone as steady as possible. If you have the ability to mount it to something that would be ideal.
  • As for format of video, all phones shoot in the same basic file format. Please make sure you are shooting in the highest possible quality their phones allow. Steps to increase quality of recording for iPhone. For Android, simply Google their Android device with the phrase “adjust video recording quality.”
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