The School of Education offers a K-12 Instructional Technology Specialist Certificate Program for educators interested in specializing in the integration of technology throughout the curriculum. Candidates may choose to take only the 18 credits leading to the FDU Instructional Technology Certificate or apply these credits to the 36-credit Master of Arts in Education degree for Certified Teachers (MACT). For those selecting to complete the MA degree, 12 credits fulfill the requirements for earning the New Jersey Supervisor License.

Degree Plan

ITS Certificate Required Courses (18 credits)

  • EDUC6673     Integrating Literacy & Technology Across the Curriculum
  • EDUC7784     Multimedia Production
  • EDUC7785     Internet for Educators
  • EDUC7790     Seminar in Instructional Technology
  • EDUC7796     Projects Based on the Web
  • EDUC7798     Special Topics in Instructional Technology

Other Instructional Technology courses are offered which feature technology integration in subject specific disciplines. If available, one of these courses may be applied to the program with SOE advisor’s permission.

For Supervisor’s Certificate (12 credits)

  • EDUC6702     Curriculum and Instruction: Theory and Practice
  • EDUC6703     Supervision of Instruction & Personnel Evaluation
  • EDUC6718     Curriculum/Program Evaluation and Student Assessment
  • EDUC6704     Change: Curriculum Development & Program Improvement

For MA Completion (6 credits)

  • EDUC7674     Master’s Seminar: Research in Specialization 
  • EDUC XXXX    Approved Elective

Note:  It is important that the candidate meet with his/her advisor each semester.  Not all courses are offered every semester (and not on every campus. It is best to develop a course plan at the beginning of the program and to review it each semester with the advisor.