Students interested in the MBA Accounting Specialization are highly encouraged to schedule an appointment with the department chair for a review of the CPA exam requirements. Due to the complicated set of rules as well as the variations by state the department chair will best be able to determine what requirements a student needs to meet prior to sitting for the exam. To schedule an appointment please contact Professor Ron West, Department Chair Accounting, Tax, and Law.

Accounting Specialization Requirements

In addition to the core curriculum, students wanting a specialization in accounting take three additional accounting courses:

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Contact a graduate advisor for more information.

Course Descriptions

  • ACCT6617 The basic elements of cost and cost control. Cost accounting systems such as process costing, job order costing, standard and direct costing, the planning, budgeting and control functions. Fall, Spring

  • ACCT6630 An in-depth study of the generally accepted accounting principles as they relate to corporations; particular attention is given to financial reporting, revenue recognition, asset valuation and measurement. Basic differences in US and international accounting are identified. Topics of current interest and controversy are introduced to prepare the student for more advanced courses.

  • ACCT6640 An in-depth study of the accounting principles related to special areas such as business combinations, consolidations, foreign operations and partnerships. There is some exposure to accounting for nonprofit institutions such as state and local governments, educational systems, institutions and hospitals. Spring