Hispanic Center

“Face challenges, fear, and frustration by seeking out knowledge and opportunities for growth.”

–Fanny Mairena

Welcome to Hispanic Center at Fairleigh Dickinson University! We have come to recognize a common trait among our very diverse student populations - a steadfast determination to complete their studies and reach long-held educational goals.

Opportunities for Spanish speakers abound in business, finance, law, medicine, ministry, social work, and translation — and Spanish language teachers are always in demand. Individuals who possess multiple language skills have a distinct advantage on the job market. Our programs are designed to help Latino students achieve their college goals, FDU’s Latino Promise Program provides a personalized approach to higher education for high school students in pursuit of an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree.

“Circumstances determined your past, the present is embracing you, and only you can define your future.”

–Teresita Marsal-Avila

Contact Information
Geoffrey S. Weinman, Dean Becton College