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Bylaws and Policy Manual, 2023 Edition, School of Nursing and Allied Health

This Bylaws and Policy Manual (“Manual”) has been developed for the faculty, staff, and administration of the Henry P. Becton School of Nursing & Allied Health at Fairleigh Dickinson University to provide guidance for procedures unique to our School and not otherwise addressed in the Fairleigh Dickinson University Faculty Handbook, FDU Shared Governance Charter, or other Fairleigh Dickinson University policies.


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Open Positions

If you are a skilled administrator or assistant, nurse/APN or allied health professional, or MPH-prepared public health professional who enjoys:

  • flexible schedule
  • outcomes-driven team
  • spirited work environment
  • competitive salary and excellent benefits
  • many continued education and personal growth opportunities

. . . then consider joining our FDU School of Nursing and Allied Health Team!

Our full-time FACULTY are nurses, allied health professionals, and public health professionals (Masters degree or higher) who enjoy flexible teaching modalities (online synchronous and asynchronous, or onsite). We offer 2- and 3-semester/year options, teaching workload at or under 12 units/semester (with offset for leadership, grantsmanship), and additional income for clinical employment and adjunct teaching.

Our ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF (associate degree or higher) enjoy personal growth opportunities and a joyful work environment. Administrative staff members support a range of initiatives including academic programs, grants, student services, document editing, social media management, and community outreach.

Our ADJUNCTS are healthcare professionals interested in stepping into didactic teaching, clinical teaching (of undergraduate students), and clinical oversight (of APN students) while maintaining their clinical practice. Our adjunct remuneration rate is among the top of the regional pay scale!

Our CLINICAL PRECEPTORS and CLINICAL MENTORS are able to maintain strong connections to FDU while growing their personal portfolio of teaching competencies.

Recently posted positions can be found at

If you do not see what you are looking for, consider reaching out to us ( to discuss your career plans and pathway to become a full-time faculty, program or track leader, support staff, adjunct faculty, clinical preceptor, or student mentor. We look forward to hearing from you!