FDU has an array of opportunities for SNAH students, who have many interests, identities, and pursuits outside of healthcare:  


For nursing students, there is also an opportunity to become a member of our Nursing Honor Society:

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The Epsilon Rho Chapter of the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (“Sigma”) was established in 1982 at Fairleigh Dickinson University.  Sigma is a nonprofit organization with the mission of “developing nurse leaders anywhere to improve healthcare everywhere.” Sigma has more than 135,000 active members and 600 chapters at institutions of higher education and healthcare partners, whose members include students, clinical nurses and administrators, academic nurse educators and researchers, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and others working to fulfill the organization’s vision of connected, empowered nurse leaders transforming global healthcare. 

The FDU Epsilon Rho Chapter of Sigma strives to support the organization’s mission and vision to connect and empower nurse leaders who will transform global healthcare. Students (entry-level and advanced-level) and nurse leaders who meet the eligibility criteria are encouraged to join the chapter and take advantage of the many resources offered by Sigma (Student Membership Criteria (sigmanursing.org)).

2023 Epsilon Rho induction

2023 Epsilon Rho induction

Epsilon Rho Chapter Membership

Entry-level BSN nursing students (including Accelerated BSN and RN to BSN students) are encouraged to join our Sigma chapter in their final year of study if they have achieved the following:

  • Have completed at least ½ of their nursing curriculum.
  • Rank in the highest 35 percent of their graduating class.
  • Have demonstrated academic achievement (cumulative GPA of at least 3.0).
  • Meet the expectation of academic integrity.

Entry-level MSN nursing students are encouraged to join our Sigma chapter if they have achieved the following:

  • Have completed at least ¼ of their nursing curriculum.
  • Have achieved academic excellence (cumulative GPA of at least 3.5).
  • Meet the expectation of academic integrity.

Advanced-level MSN and DNP nursing students and other nurse leaders (faculty, preceptors, mentors, advisors) are encouraged to join our Sigma chapter if they have an unencumbered RN license (any state) and have demonstrated achievement in nursing.

Eligibility is confirmed each year after the completion of the fall semester. Invitations to candidates are extended in January via email. The Epsilon Rho Chapter Induction Ceremony is held during the spring semester.

Student members are encouraged to proudly wear their official Sigma honor cords or stoles at graduation. 

For more information about Sigma, visit their home page Sigma Home Page (sigmanursing.org). For more information about the Epsilon Rho Chapter (including events, grant and scholarship opportunities, officers, and meeting information) please visit our chapter page Home – Epsilon Rho Chapter (sigmanursing.org) or our Facebook page Epsilon Rho chapter of Sigma Theta Tau- FDU | Facebook.