Nursing Faculty and Staff

The Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health has eighteen full-time faculty members, several part-time, and an endowed professorship. Ten of the eighteen full-time faculty have earned doctorates in nursing, education, and related fields. Faculty research includes clinical nursing research, educational outcomes, critical thinking, transcultural issues, and domestic violence.

Members of the Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health faculty have expertise in theory, research, education, administration, informatics, advanced practice, and a variety of nursing specialties.

Advance practice nurses from health care agencies participate in the clinical education of our graduate students. Preceptors in a variety of health care settings work with graduate students, apprising them of the latest trends in nursing practice. Each nurse practitioner student works with licensed experienced physicians or nurse practitioners who guide the student toward meeting the clinical educational objectives of the MSN program.

Full-Time Nursing Faculty

Sylvia Colon Cabassa
Associate Director of Undergraduate Nursing Program, Metro Campus
Specialty: Family Nurse Practitioner
Phone: 201-692-2880

Jeannie Couper
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Specialty: Pediatric Nurse, Nurse Educator
Phone: 201-692-2850

Una Doddy
Lecturer of Nursing
Specialty: Public Health and Healthcare Administration 
Phone: 201-692-2885

Louise Gabriele
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Specialty: Mental Health
Phone: 201-692-2886

Erin Graulich
Clinical Instructor of Nursing
Specialty: Medical Surgical Nursing
Phone: 201-692-2879

Minerva S. Guttman
Professor of Nursing, Director of the Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health, Holder of Roberta Chiavello Ferguson Endowed Chair in Nursing and Allied Health
Phone: 201-692-2890

Carol Jasko
Senior Lecturer of Nursing
Specialty: Obstetric Nursing, Maternal Newborn Nurse, Nurse Executive, Nurse Educator
Phone: 201-692-2337

Anna Klubek
Clinical Instructor of Nursing
Specialty: Advance Practice APN, Primary Care of Adult
Phone: 201-692-2883

Felella K. Millman
Clinical Assistant Professor and Coordinator Online Nursing Programs
Specialty: Nursing Education; Cardiovascular Health Nursing
Phone: 201-692-2335

Mary Molloy
Clinical Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Graduate Nursing Programs
Specialty: Nursing Education, Advanced Practice Nurse in Gerontology, Palliative Care
Phone: 201-692-2881

Phygenia Nimoh
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Specialty: Family Nurse Practitioner
Phone: 973-443-8214

Andrea Owes
Lecturer of Nursing
Specialty: Mental Health Nursing, Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Phone: 973-443-8150

Olufunke Lola Oyedele
Assistant Professor of Nursing, School of Nursing and Allied Health 
Specialty: Nurse Educator, Nurse Executive – Administration/Leadership
Phone: 973-443-8152

Susan Palmer
Lecturer of Nursing
Specialty: Community Health
Phone: 201-692-2814

Maryellen Phillips
Clinical Instructor of Nursing
Specialty: Psychiatric/Behavioral Health Nursing; Nursing Administration
Phone: 201-692-2878

Janet Regan-Livingston
Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
Specialty: Family Primary Care, Emergency/Urgent Care Medicine
Phone: 201-692-2343

Marycarol Rossignol
Associate Director and Associate Professor of Nursing Programs, Florham Campus
Specialty: PTSD and Simulation
Phone: 973-443-8236

Marilyn R. Rubin
Associate Director of Allied Health Programs
Specialty: Medical Technology
Phone: 201-692-2847

Marnie Sperling
Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
Specialty: Cardiac Nursing and Forensic Dentistry
Phone: 973-443-8240

Lauren Sullivan
Lecturer of Nursing
Specialty: Pediatrics
Phone: 973-443-8232

Patricia Ukaigwe
Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
Specialty: Pediatric Nursing, Nurse Educator
Phone: 201-692-2840

Maryelena Vargas
Associate Professor of Nursing, Coordinator, Doctor of Nursing Practice Program (DNP)
Specialty: Nursing Research, Health and Social Policy, Human Lactation
Phone: 201-692-2317

Caitlin Werther
Assistant Professor
Specialty: Family Practice
Phone: 973-443-8151

Boas Yu
Associate Professor
Specialty: Family Nurse Practitioner, Gerontological Clinical Nurse Specialist, Certified Nurse Educator, Nurse Administration
Phone: 201-692-2436

Part-Time Faculty

Cecilia Alvarez, DNP, RN
Assistant Professor
Phone: 201-692-2893

Kathleen M. Kane, PhD, RN
Coordinator, MSN – Education Track of Nursing
Phone: 201-692-2842

Judith Kutzleb, DNP, MSN, RN, CCRN, APN-C
Assistant Professor, Coordinator of the Adult Gerontology Track
Phone: 201-692-2893

Allied Health Faculty

Lynne S. Argast MS Ed., R.T. (R)(M)(CT) ARRT
Program Director
The Valley Hospital
School of Radiography
Phone: 201-447-8221
201-692-2842 (fdu phone)
Fax: 201 – 251-3280 (fax)


Linda Cerami, MSN-Ed, RN
Clinical Lab Specialist
Phone: 973-443-8233

Maria de Bialokoz
Secretary to Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health
Phone: 201-692-2888 & 201-692-2889
Room: 4444

Sharon Dobrina 
Assistant to the Associate Director Henry P. Becton School of Nursing
Phone: 973-443-8237

Gina Lugo
Assistant to the Associate Director Graduate Nursing Programs
Phone: 201-692-2882

Zoila Paredes
Assistant to the Director Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health/Office Manager
Phone: 201-692-2845

Mildred Miqueo, RN
Administrator for Clinical Affairs, Recruitment and External Relations
Phone: 201-692-2520

Mary Templeton
Clinical Lab Specialist
Phone: 201-692-2887

Marti Villa, RN, BSN
Assistant Lab Coordinator