Rutherford Hall

Photo of a bed in a dorm room.
Rutherford Rooms
Rutherford Rooms

Named after the University’s first campus, Rutherford Hall offers double rooms with private bathrooms, and independent climate-control for its residents.  With its close proximity to the Student Center, it’s a highly desirable location for upper-class students who are active on campus. Each floor in Rutherford offers a common social space, study lounge and vending machines on each floor for late night snack attacks. Rutherford has five floors and features two elevators.

Rutherford forms a quad with Florence and Hamilton Twombly Halls creating a large courtyard and lawn space, which becomes a social hub for students; whether they are having a BBQ, playing a wiffle ball game, tanning, catching up on reading, or enjoying the patio swings.

Rutherford, overhead view


Rutherford, perspective view