Co-Sponsorship Checklist

The following items should serve as a guide for student organizations wishing to co-sponsor programs.  These items should be reviewed prior to completing the Co-Sponsorship Agreement.

I. Sponsoring Parties

  • Names of event sponsors
  • Day, month, year that the co-sponsorship agreement was made
  • Date, time and locations of the event (and rain date if applicable)

II. Focus of the Event

  • Purpose, reason, or goal for event as agreed on by all parties

III.  Facilities

  • Description of event facilities and room assignments
  • Reservation time/when facility is available
  • Name of sponsor responsible for scheduling facility

IV.  Finances and Contracts

  • Name of sponsor responsible for processing contracts
  • Types of contracts required
  • Sponsors financial obligation and how it will be distributed towards expenses
  • Name of student group, account and treasurer responsible for holding and distributing funds
  • Date all line transfers or donated funds are to be collected prior to the date of the program.  The deadline date for receipts and the date for the final accounting report
  • The process for distributing fund-raising income between the sponsors or directed charity
  • How debt will be divided

V.  Publicity

  • The names of the sponsors and financial contributors  to be listed on publicity materials
  • The name of the sponsor(s) responsible for submitting publicity materials to on campus newspapers and advertisers

VI.  Human Resources

  •  A list of tasks to be accomplished and the sponsors responsible for each task

VII.   Commitments

  • Printed names, positions and signatures of official organization officers agreeing to the terms and conditions of the agreement on behalf of their respective organization

VIII.     Evaluation of program after conclusion of program