How to Start an Organization

New clubs and organizations start every year at Fairleigh Dickinson University. The process is relatively simple and involves first gaining recognition from the Office of Student Life and then the Student Government Association:

  1. Interested student(s) meet with the Director of Student Life or a representative of the Office of Student Life to discuss the organization.
  2. These students will pick up a packet including all forms and information that needs to be completed for the new organization to be accepted within the Office of Student Life
  3. Interested students will submit, via email, to the Director of Student Life, a list of at least ten current FDU students interested in starting the club/organization and proposed constitution
    1. This list must comprise of names, contact information, and ID numbers.
    2. Students will also submit via email a copy of their completed constitution, that follows the example constitution included in their introductory packet, including goals, mission statement, and purpose of the club, i.e. the need that is met by
      the creation of this club on the FDU campus.
    3. The Director of Student Life will review and request revisions as needed
  4. Director of Student Life verifies student eligibility and requests revisions as needed
    1. Must be a currently enrolled FDU student
    2. GPA requirement of 2.0 for all new members
    3. GPA requirement of 2.5 for all students who wish to be officers in the new club/ organization
  5. After the four preceding steps are completed, the Director of Student Life will forward the constitution to the SGA Parliamentarian who will review the constitution. Once any amendments have been made, the organization seeking SGA recognition will be placed on the SGA agenda
    1. The SGA approval process requires two SGA meetings
    2. The first meeting is a presentation of the clubs mission, purpose, and goals in New Business. It is an opportunity for the SGA to ask questions regarding the overall proposed new club
    3. In the second meeting the proposed club is moved into Old Business and voted upon as a whole by the Student Government Association