Office of Student Life Policies

These policies and procedures apply to Fairleigh Dickinson University students enrolled at the Metropolitan Campus.

Fairleigh Dickinson University Student Life Policies have been written to help guide the behavior of students as members of the University community. Fairleigh Dickinson strives to be a center of academic excellence and growth through personal development.

The University community is by nature pluralistic and diverse. Those who elect to participate in the Fairleigh Dickinson University community accept the responsibility of sharing in the effort to achieve the University’s mission as an institution of higher learning and leader in global education. Each person is expected to respect the objectives of the University and the views expressed within the community.

In so doing, all members of the University community, and their guests, are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate and civil manner at all times. These behavioral expectations include behavior both on- and off-campus as defined herein. Additional policies and practices or changes may evolve and the Student Handbook and Calendar may be amended, modified, or suspended at any time. Written notice of such changes will be distributed as soon as possible.

Individual Policies


    Guest Policy- 1 FDU student can purchase a ticket for 1 guest.  Guest is classified as a person who does not attend FDU.

    • If the host leaves the event, the guest must leave.
    • Hosts must leave their FDU ID and guests must leave a valid picture form of ID (Drivers Licensee, College ID).
    • Hosts are fully responsible for all the actions of their guests, including destruction of property, inappropriate behavior and anything else that violate the FDU code of conduct.
  • Posting Regulations

    Posting of event announcements is strongly encouraged – after all, if no one knows about your event, then there will probably be no one in attendance. There are many bulletin boards mounted throughout the campus. Please utilize these.

    Posting Policy

    Posters and other forms of advertising on the campus must conform to campus regulations available at the Office of Student Life and must be stamped before posting.

    1. All FDU-recognized student clubs and organizations must have programs and events approved by the Office of Student Life before distributing related publicity.
    2. All posters, flyers, banners, etc. must be approved and stamped by the Office of Student Life before posting.
    3. Posting is permitted on bulletin boards only. Any bulletin board not designated as an official University or departmental bulletin board may be used to post flyers.
    4. Posting is not permitted on windows, doors, glass, vehicle windshields, trees or painted walls. Materials posted in these areas will be removed! Student clubs and organizations that post flyers inappropriately are subject to the possible suspension of their privileges and/or fines.
    5. Thirteen copies will be approved by the Office of Student Life for posting. One flyer may be posted per bulletin board. Flyers and other advertisements must be removed immediately after the event has taken place.
    6. Flyers may be posted for a maximum of three weeks or until the date of the event (whichever comes first).
    7. Residence hall events only may be posted with the approval of the Office of Residence Life. All posters and flyers are to be approved by the Office of Student Life.
    8. All information on any flyer must be written clearly.
    9. If a flyer is to be written in a language other than English, the flyer must include the full English translation.
    10. There will be no posting of alcohol-related events, obscenities, slanderous materials, or material containing racist or sexist statements. This would include, but not be limited to advertisements which show/promote nudity, violence, racism, sexism, etc. Profanity or vulgarity is not permitted on advertisements.
    11. There will be no posting of notices or flyers that support or endorse candidates for political office.
    12. Student-recognized organizations may insert flyers in the student mailboxes in the Student Union Building (SUB) after approval from the Office of Student Life. A group may send one representative to the FDU student mailboxes located in the SUB. Only one representative per group will be permitted in the mailroom at a time from 10 a.m. 2 p.m.
    13. Banners may be posted in the Student Union Building and Alumni Hall with prior approval from the Office of Student Life. Banners may be posted for a maximum of seven days. Banners may not exceed 36″ x 36″ due to space limitations.
    14. There will be separate bulletin board space for different categories of advertisements including:
      1. On-Campus Events
        1. Student Programming Board
        2. Residence Hall Association
        3. Greek Life
        4. Multi-Cultural Life
        5. Office of Student Life
        6. International Student Association
      2. Off-Campus Events
        1. For Sale/Items Wanted
        2. Off-Campus Housing
    15. Use of any bulletin board or authorized space in the Student Union Building or on campus does not constitute an endorsement or guarantee of any product, service, or information by the Office of Student Life or Fairleigh Dickinson University.
    16. Activities sponsored by FDU recognized student clubs and organizations may not be advertised off campus, including print, radio, television, flyer distributions, email and/or web sites.

    Students in violation of any of the preceding regulations are subject to disciplinary action.

  • Reservation Policy– reservation forms are to be turned in 2 weeks in advance.

    • Before a reservation is confirmed, the form must be filled out completely and accurately.
    • The sponsoring organization must show that they have enough money to pay for all expenses associated with the event.  Student organizations receive approval from the Comptroller. Fraternities and Sororities need to show a bank account statement.
    • The organization sponsoring the event and their staff advisor or designee must meet with the Director of Student Life to review all policies and procedures involved with the social event.  At this time a social event contract is explained and given to the sponsoring organization.
    • The social event contract must be returned to the Office of Student Life one week before the event. Failure to return the contract will result in the cancellation of the event.
    • Complimentary tickets and/or guest list for an event must be detailed on the Ticket Sales Authorization Form.
  • How to discuss contracts withvendors, agencies and performers:

    1. Upon determining interest in a performer, product or service, the organization may contact the vendor, agency or performer to obtain additional information.
    2. When engaging with conversation with a vendor, agency, or performer, it is important to state that the organization or individual cannot enter into contract and that all no contract is confirmed until the Campus Provost or his/her designee signs it.
    3. If dealing with a performer or novelty act, is important to ask for all technical requirements and other contract expenses (food, hotel, travel, etc.) If the organization is unsure of audio/visual resources available to them, it is imperative that the questions are brought to The Office of Student Life.
    4. When the agency/vendor/performer states they are sending the contract, the name on the contract should be Fairleigh Dickinson University, not an individual or organization name. If a contract is executed in a student’s name, and is not honored by the Office of Student Life, the individual may be held liable by the agency/vendor/performer.
    5. If the vendor or performer does not have a standard contract, the University standard performance contract can be obtained from the Office of Student Life. In addition, a university addendum for cancellation and DJ Policy must be sent to the performer/artist/vendor for all contracts.

    Processing Contracts

    1. The Office of Student Life contract procedure is subject to the University’s Contract Approval & Signatory Authority Policy.
    2. Organizations must have sufficient funds for the requested product or service before a contract can be signed or a Check Request drawn.
    3. The contract with the addendum signed, is to be brought to the Office of Student Life for review by the Director of Student Life.
    4. Each contract requires the signatures of the performer/contractor and the Campus Provost or his/her designee to be fully executed. One copy of the signed contract will be kept on file in the Office of Stu­dent Life.
    5. Contracts requiring deposits are strictly prohibited.
    6. There must be three copies of the contract. One copy is to be returned to the performer/agency, the sponsoring club or organization retains a copy, and the third copy is to be kept on file in the Office of Student Life. The Office of Student Life will furnish a standard performance contract.
    7. Check Requests must be completed and returned with the signed original contract.
    8. All artists are paid AFTER their act or performance, by a Fairleigh Dickinson University – Stu­dent Government Association check drawn on a Check Request. Agents and/or performers should be notified of this rule in advance.
    9. Door receipts cannot be used to pay the performer or speaker. There are abso­lutely no ex­ceptions to this rule.
  • The following policy is designed to provide opportunities for off campus organizations, both for profit and non, to have access to the campus in a manner that is least disruptive to the academic and social climate of Farleigh Dickinson University, Metropolitan Campus.

    The Office of Student Life reserves tables for off campus vendors for the charge of $40.00 per day.  Vendors are prohibited from the following:

    • credit card sign ups
    • cell phone plans or phones
    • drug and alcohol paraphernalia, including clothing.
    • CD’s ,DVD’s and other media that have been copied in violation of copyright laws.

    All off campus vendors who reserve a table must remain at the table and cannot solicit students in the lobby of the SUB, cafeteria or elsewhere on the campus.

    All requests by off campus religious, political, or activist organizations to table or present a program on campus must come through the Office of Student Life in the form of a written email that explains the organization mission and provides any additional information such as websites. The Director of Student Life will then forward this email to all student organization presidents to ascertain if there is interest from the organizations to bring the off campus entity to campus. The Office of Student Life will not provide off campus organizations with the email list. The Director of Student Life will ask interested organizations to reply directly to the off campus entity and will request to be copied on correspondence to keep the office informed.

    Once the student organization has decided to host the off campus entity, they will follow standard room reservation and/or table reservation procedures. Off campus entities must remain within the reserved table and/or in the reserved room and cannot solicit students elsewhere on campus.

    Failure to abide by the above policy will result in the off campus entity being banned from campus.

  • Tickets & Admission for Events On & Off-Campus

    1.      Clubs/organizations sponsoring trips and events must register their event with the Office of Student Life & sell tickets/admission through the Student Union Information Desk.

    2.     A member of the sponsoring organization, their advisor, and the Director of Student Life or his/her designee must sign a Ticket Sales Authorization Form, available at the Office of Student Life.

    3.     Ticket sales to the student body must begin a minimum of two (2) weeks before the event.

    4.      Refunds will not be given, except at the discretion of The Director of Student Life, who may issue refunds for weather cancellations or campus closures.

    5.     Exchanges of tickets/admission for events are not honored under any circumstances.

    6.     A Ticket Sales Authorization Form must be completed no later than a week before the date tickets are placed on sale.

    7.     All Student Life/Student Organization events that host 50 or more participants and is open to guests(non FDU students) must sell admission in advance through the SUB Info Booth.Under no circumstances will admission be sold at the door for this type of event ie: Fashion Show, SPB Big Event, Diwali, Winter Ball.

    8.      All monies collected during ticket sales at an event must be deposited immediately after the event in the Office of Student Life safe located at the Information Booth and cannot be used to pay for expenses at the event.

    9.     At events, all guests will be required to present their ID, which will be scanned, and kept on file. The name on the presented ID must match the identified guest name on file with the office. If the name on the guest IDs does not match the name on the guest ticket, neither the student nor the guest will be admitted to the event.

    10. If the transportation is provided by Fairleigh Dickinson University, ticket holders are required to use the respective transpor­tation to and from the event.

    Special Notes for Broadway Shows

                The Office of Student Life reserves the right to give students first priority in terms of availability of Broadway Show tickets. Tickets for faculty/staff/guests are sometimes available if the show does not sell out prior to the date of faculty/staff sales, which are always at a date later than the initial sale, which is only for students.We kindly remind our FDU community that we are a tuition driven institution; it is our duty to give students every opportunity to take advantage of programs offered before those who do not pay tuition.