Office of Student Life Policies

These policies and procedures apply to Fairleigh Dickinson University students enrolled at the Metropolitan Campus.

Fairleigh Dickinson University Student Life Policies have been written to help guide the behavior of students as members of the University community. Fairleigh Dickinson strives to be a center of academic excellence and growth through personal development.

The University community is by nature pluralistic and diverse. Those who elect to participate in the Fairleigh Dickinson University community accept the responsibility of sharing in the effort to achieve the University’s mission as an institution of higher learning and leader in global education. Each person is expected to respect the objectives of the University and the views expressed within the community.

In so doing, all members of the University community, and their guests, are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate and civil manner at all times. These behavioral expectations include behavior both on- and off-campus as defined herein. Additional policies and practices or changes may evolve and the Student Handbook and Calendar may be amended, modified, or suspended at any time. Written notice of such changes will be distributed as soon as possible.

Individual Policies