Income Tax

The Enrollment Services Office provides the necessary forms for students to file their Canadian Income Tax Returns. All students are encouraged to file a return, even if you did not earn income as you may be able to claim other tax credits, or claim your tuition in future years.

FDU will issue the following forms :

  • T2202: Tuition fees paid (deductible from income) and months of full-time study (used to calculate a deduction called the “education and textbook amount”)
  • T4: Employment income and deductions (if applicable)
  • T4A: Scholarships and bursaries

For more information on how to file your Canadian Income Tax forms or to find out about free clinics and services organized by the university see FDU Income Tax Information.

If you attended Fairleigh Dickinson University during 2016 (Spring, Summer or Fall), you are entitled to get your T2202A and T4A forms.

You have until April 30 2017 to file your tax return.

These are the steps that you need to follow in order to obtain your forms:

  1. Login into your WEBADVISOR
  2. Click under STUDENTS>Financial Information
  3. Download the TWO forms (T2202A and T4A). You only need a T4A form if you received a scholarship or grant (including Student Referral or Family Grants) during 2016.
  4. Download the Cover Letter (you need to include this letter when filing your taxes)
  5. Print


  • The T2202A and T4A forms will be available at midnight on February 28th , 2017 in WebAdvisor.
  • Please note that the T4A form shows your student ID number as your social insurance number (box 012). You must erase these numbers before filing your taxes to avoid confusion. You can then write your social insurance number or leave it blank.

CCRA is offering information sessions via electronic channels such as tax information videos and webinars rather than in-person sessions.

CCRA has the following tax information videos available now on their website. You can see their entire video gallery at the following link:

Currently available online videos are:

For individuals

Fairleigh Dickinson University – Vancouver will provide video screening of the CCRA videos on March 8 in Room 138 where you can learn how to file your taxes.

If students would like to attend a free tax clinic they can find one through the following link.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office on Enrollment Services at .

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need tax forms if I started in Spring 2017?

No, you do not. Your tax forms will be ready next year.

Do I get any money back?

Each case is processed individually by CCRA and is confidential. You must attend the tax clinic or meet with an accountant.

I have never done my taxes and I started before 2016, what should I do?

Get your T forms from 2016 by following the steps above. In order to get your T forms from previous years, you MUST fill out a Document Request form (available outside of Enrollment Services office) to request the years that you need. (Note: the processing time for documents is 5 business days). You also need to collect the tax forms from any other institutions or jobs that you had in those previous years.

I no longer live at the address shown on the forms, what should I do?

Students were given until January 31st 2017 to update their addresses. If your form has an old address, you just need to notify Canada Revenue.