Student Planning

New Students

Registration for new students at the Vancouver Campus will take place during Orientation Week.  Following placement testing, students will meet with their Academic Advisor, who will assist them with their registration for classes.

Continuing Students

Continuing students receive advanced registration privileges. This advanced registration begins in March for the summer term, June for the fall term and November for the spring terms. The scheduling of the date for each continuing student to register is based upon credit hours earned, with those closest to graduation receiving the highest priority. Students can register directly online through WebAdvisor.

Detailed course information on courses and course descriptions are available on Web Advisor and Course Finder.  Please review the course offerings in preparation for registration paying particular attention to any special registration notes.  Course offerings, times and rooms are subject to change based on enrollments.  Remember to check your web advisor account through the remainder of the term and in particular during the week prior to the start of the term to check for any updates.

If you have any questions, you can contact your Academic Advisor to discuss your course selection.  The past few terms some courses have been running at capacity, so students, who delay registering until later, run the risk of not getting the courses or sections that they want.  If you are a student currently on a Leave of Absence, you will need to contact the Enrollment Services Office to ensure your account is active.  You should also contact your academic advisor to discuss your course selection.

Registration can be done in person with the advisor, or online through WebAdvisor.

Students with outstanding accounts will not be able to register until their accounts are paid in full. Academic records also will be withheld until all financial obligations have been resolved. Please see Arlette Hernandez in the Enrollment Services Office, if this applies to you.

Special Registration Notes for Fall 2014

Graduate Students

Returning MAS Students who have completed 9 credits (students entering their third or fourth term) will be allowed to register on June 23 beginning at midnight Vancouver time (This is the first hour of June 23; 3:00 am EST on June 23).

Returning MAS Students who have completed less than 9 credits (students entering their second term) will be allowed to register on June 25 beginning at midnight Vancouver time (This is the first hour of June 25; 3:00 am EST on June 25).

Undergraduate Students

Returning Undergraduate students can all register on June 23 beginning at midnight Vancouver time (This is the first hour of June 23; 3:00 am EST on June 23).

Meeting  with your Academic Advisor

You are not required to meet with your academic advisor before registration, but may do so if you have any questions.

Business Students

Students in the BSc. in Business Administration can meet with an Academic Advisor from:

June 23 until July 25, in Room 237:

  • Wednesdays from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
  • Thursdays from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Undergraduate EPS Students

Undergraduate students currently in EPS should meet with David O’Reilly to discuss your registration.

If you are not sure who your advisor is, please contact the Enrollment Services Office.

Students on Leave of Absence

Students who are on Leave of Absence are expected to contact their Academic Advisor to review their registration for the upcoming term.

Fall Academic Calendar

  • There will be a four week break between Summer and Fall sessions for Undergraduate students from August 2 to September 1
  • There will be a five week break between Summer and Fall sessions for Graduate students from August 2 to September 7.
  • The Fall term will run from September 2 to December 19 for Undergraduate programs, and     from September 8 to December 19 for Graduate programs.

Make sure you arrange your travel plans so that you will be back on time for the start of classes.

Online Registration

To register online, follow the directions in the Online Registration Guide.

You will be able to add and drop courses through webadvisor without penalty up until the day of the first day of class.  Registration in particular sections will be subject to availability of seats.  Before you change classes though, always consult with your academic advisor to ensure your course selection meets your program requirements.  You will not be required to submit a pink change form before the first day of classes.  For any add/drop changes made on or after September 2 (September 8 for Graduate Students), you must first meet with your advisor and submit a pink add/drop form.  Withdrawal penalties will apply.

The Enrollment Services Office will provide a workshop on how to use the Online Registration system.  Please check your email for more details.

If you have any questions about the online registration system, please contact the Enrollment Services Office.

Changes to Registration (Drop/Add Courses)

Students who wish to drop or add a course must meet with and get the approval from their Academic Advisor first.

Advisors will need to approve the PINK Change of Schedule Form.Forms are available at the Enrollment Services desk.If the form is not processed by Enrollment Services, students will still be considered registered in the class and will be charged for the course and receive a final grade.

  • Students are advised to check their status on their Webadvisor account to confirm that their registration.
  • Refunds will be processed in accordance to the refund (link to p7). There is no refund after the 5th week of the term. A “W” grade will be assigned for withdrawals after the second week of classes and up to the 9th week in the Fall and Spring terms. Consult the Academic Calendar for the fall withdrawal deadlines.