Vancouver Campus Registration

Register for classes using Student Planning

All registrations for returning students must be done using Student Planning. Please check your FDU email regularly since you will receive further details each term on how to use Student Planning and Registration deadlines. Please note that a full-time load during Spring and Fall terms is 12 credits for Undergraduate students and 9 credits for Master students. During Summer term a full-time load is 9 credits for both undergraduate and graduate students. However, summer terms are not mandatory.

New Students

Registration for new students at the Vancouver Campus will take place during registration period. Following placement testing, students will be registered for classes by the Enrollment Services office.

Continuing Students

Continuing students receive advanced registration privileges. This advanced registration begins in March for the summer term, June for the fall term and November for the spring term. Registration priority is based upon credit hours earned, with those closest to graduation receiving the highest priority. Students can register directly online through Self-Service.

Detailed course information and course descriptions are available on Coursefinder. Please review the course offerings in preparation for registration paying particular attention to any special registration notes. Course offerings, times, rooms, and instructor details are subject to change based on enrollments. Remember to check your Self-Service account through the remainder of the term and in particular during the week prior to the start of the term to check for any updates. In the past few terms some courses have been running at capacity, so students who delay registering until later run the risk of not getting the courses or sections that they want.

Students with outstanding accounts will not be able to register until their accounts are paid in full. Academic records also will be withheld until all financial obligations have been resolved. Please visit the Enrollment Services Office if this applies to you.

Priority Registration 

For priority registration dates, please check the registration information of each program below. The Enrollment Services Office releases the priority registration dates three weeks prior to the first day of registration.

Meeting with your Academic Advisor

You are not required to meet with your academic advisor before registration unless you have any questions. You can find the email of your academic advisor in your Student Planning account and book an appointment with them directly.

Students on Leave of Absence

If you are a student currently on a Leave of Absence, you will need to contact the Enrollment Services Office to ensure your account is active. You should also contact your academic advisor to discuss your course selection.

Online Registration

To register online, you need to plan your courses and get the approval of your academic advisor in Student Planning.

You will be able to add and drop courses in Student Planning without penalty up until the day before the first date of the term. Registration in particular sections will be subject to the availability of seats. Before you change any classes, always consult with your academic advisor to ensure your course selection meets your program requirements. You will not be required to submit a registration form or change of schedule form before the first day of classes. However, you do need the approval of an advisor in Student Planning. For registrations on or after the first day of the term, you must first meet with your advisor and submit a Registration Form to Enrollment Services (Office 203 or Withdrawal penalties will apply.

If you have any questions about the online registration system, please contact the Enrollment Services Office.

Changes to Registration (Drop/Add Courses)

Students who wish to drop or add a course should consult with their Academic Advisor first.

Advisors will need to approve the Change of Schedule Form. Forms are available here. If the form is not processed by Enrollment Services, students will still be considered registered in the class and will be charged for the course and receive a final grade.

· Students are advised to check their status on their Self-Service/ Student Planning account to confirm their registration.

· Refunds will be processed in accordance with the refund policy. There is no refund after the 5th week of Fall and Spring terms and after the 2nd week of Summer term. A “W” grade will be assigned for withdrawals after the add/drop deadline and up to the withdrawal deadline. Consult the Academic Calendar for the withdrawal deadline of each term.