Vancouver Campus Leave of Absence

Undergraduate Students

A leave of absence allows students to interrupt their studies if necessary. A leave of absence that permits an undergraduate student to return without penalty may be granted only to a matriculated student with a cumulative grade point ratio of 2.00 or higher. A leave may cover only one semester with the privilege of renewal for one more consecutive regular semester. A leave of absence may be granted for (1) medical, (2) financial, (3) employment or (4) military reasons.  For the Vancouver Campus, a leave of absence is only required for students needing to take a leave during the Fall and Spring trimesters.  A leave of absence is not required for the summer session as this is considered during regular scheduled break in the academic year. Verification in writing must be furnished where applicable by the physician, employer or other authority. Authority to grant a leave of absence for the Vancouver Campus resides with the Campus Executive.

All leaves of absence must be approved in advance by submitting a Request for Leave of Absence Form to the Director of Enrollment and Student Services. Failure to receive approval will jeopardize the student’s status at the university and may have implications on the student’s immigration status in Canada.  Students who are on medical leave will be required to submit a re-enrollment form and provide appropriate supporting documentation. Failure to do so can result in not being allowed to return to the campus.

International Students on a Study Permit will normally be required to leave the country if they take a leave of absence.  If you are an international student and hold an Off-campus Work Permit and you take a leave of absence, you will be required to surrender your work permit and re-apply for a new permit after the required waiting period.

Graduate Students

Request for a leave of absence must be approved in writing by the student’s department chairperson or school director and the college dean. Students wishing to renew their leave of absence also must do so in writing by submitting a Request for Leave of Absence Form to the Director of Enrollment and Student Services. Students who have been granted a leave of absence will be maintained as students in good standing during the semester in which a leave of absence is taken, but will be discontinued from graduate study unless they register the semester following a leave of absence, or request and are granted an extension of the leave of absence.