Records, Procedures and Services at Vancouver Campus

Change of Academic Program

Students who wish to change their academic program, or declare/add or remove a major or minor may do so by submitting an Official Change of Academic Program form. Forms may be obtained in the Office of Enrollment Services at your appropriate campus. Please note that the Change of Academic Program may require Director/Chair and/or Dean’s signature. Please see your appropriate academic department for more information.

Undergraduate Grade Relief

When students find it necessary to change their academic program, they may be relieved of grades of F and, at their discretion, grades of D in subjects not required by the new academic program, for the purpose of recalculating the grade point ratio only.

This privilege is extended only once for a student in his or her college career at Fairleigh Dickinson University and must be exercised not later than the close of the student’s fourth semester. If granted, it is limited to a student who is matriculated with at least 16, but not more than 64 credits. It may not be used to circumvent prior faculty action.

This process may be implemented under the following circumstances:

  1. required by a faculty evaluation, or appeals committee or by the faculty of the students’ major.
  2. recognition by the student, with the endorsement of one or more faculty members, including his or her adviser, department chairperson or College dean, that the student has made a wrong choice and cannot hope to succeed in his or her present academic program. This procedure is selective and not automatic.

Withdrawal from Classes/University

Withdrawing from the University

A student must notify the campus Office of Enrollment Services, in writing, on an Official Withdrawal Form (link to form) of his or her intention to withdraw from study. Prior to withdrawal, students are encouraged to first speak with their Academic Advisor.

The financial penalties for withdrawing on the first day of the semester, and after, can be viewed at Refund Policy (link) and can also be found on the reverse side of the registration and program change forms.

Students who withdraw in good standing and wish to return at a a later date must reapply through the Admissions Office.

Withdrawing from Classes/Revising Schedule

Students may revise their schedule or cancel classes on the web up until the day before a class begins. After the start of classes, students must add/drop or cancel classes in-person in the Office of Enrollment Services.  Students are required to consult with their Academic Advisor prior to dropping a course.

Students may withdraw from a course up until the end of the first week of classes without academic penalty.  No record of registration will appear on the transcript.

After the second week and up until the 9th week of classes (7th week Vancouver Summer Session), the student may withdraw from the course and receive a “W” grade.

After the end of the 9th week of classes (7th week Vancouver Summer Session), a withdrawal is not possible.  The student will receive a final grade for the course.

Students will be entitled to tuition refunds or cancellation of charges for tuition in accordance with the Refund Policy (link to Page 7) . Please note, the tuition deposit is non-refundable unless a student’s study permit is refused.  Refunds are based upon payment of 100% of the tuition. While the University permits students to pay through deferred payment programs, refunds are not calculated on partial payments.

The New Student, Orientation and Technology fees are non-refundable after the first day of the Program.