Medical Clearance & Health Insurance

Medical Examination for Entry to Canada

Before you enter Canada to study, a medical examination may be required depending on your country of citizenship or residency. A Visa Officer at the Canadian Consulate will advise you if you need to take a medical examination, and will provide you with instructions on how to proceed. If you need a medical examination, processing your application could take at least three extra months. Therefore, we recommend that you begin the process early and allow time to receive the results.

Health Insurance

All students in British Columbia are required to be covered by Health Insurance during their university studies. Basic health care coverage (doctor visits, hospital care, and more) is typically provided through British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan (MSP) – see There is a 3 month waiting period before newcomers to BC are eligible for the BC Medical Services Plan. This waiting period is required by the BC government in order to process any newcomer’s application for BC MSP and is governed by the BC MSP Act.

FDU-Vancouver provides private Health Insurance through Guard Me, to cover students during this waiting period. Guard Me provides affordable comprehensive health insurance for the initial 3 months when students arrive in Canada. All FDU Students must purchase Guard Me’s University and College Plan during this 3-month waiting period through FDU. For more information and to apply for this insurance, see Medical Insurance in our Student Health section.