Adjunct Hire Process

This web page will assist departments with hiring new adjuncts (part-time faculty). Please note that adjuncts are limited to teaching a maximum of 9 credits in a regular semester, 6 credits in a short-term semester, and cannot exceed a total of 22 credits in a 12-month period. [See Adjunct Limitation Policy.]

Note that this process is for new hires only and should not be used when engaging an existing staff member (for whom Steps 2, 3, 4, and 5 are complete) to teach a course. For existing staff, who have taught within the past year, only a new Notification of Part Time Teaching is needed.

Adjuncts who have not taught in 1 year are deemed to be new hires, thus the full five-step process must be followed. Current adjuncts who have taught within 1 year, only need to complete the Notification of Part Time Teaching.

See also Adjunct Onboarding Quick Reference Guide and Estimated Timelines

Step 1: Notification of Part time Teaching

All departments must initiate a Notification of Part Time Teaching. This is the contract used to engage an adjunct each semester they are scheduled to teach. Departments must ensure all Notifications are signed and returned to the department prior to the start of the semester, and prior to initiating the hiring forms. The Departments retain the Notifications on file and should not forward to Human Resources.

Step 2: Adjunct PIN

Initiate the Adjunct Personnel Information Notice (DocuSign) and follow the instructions. Human Resources will receive the completed Adjunct PIN and initiate the steps for a background check via Sterling E-Invite. It is important to ensure that the new adjunct’s personal email is included on the Adjunct PIN as this is required to initiate the required criminal background check.

Step 3: Net ID (Email Address)

Upon receipt of the approved Adjunct Personnel Information Notice and completed background check, the Office of Human Resources will communicate with University Systems and Networking to ensure that a University NetID and email address is created. Once created, the adjunct will receive an autogenerated email with instructions on how to activate their Net ID. The Net ID must be claimed within 30 days, otherwise the Net ID will expire and the adjunct will need to call the help desk for assistance (973-443-8822).

Step 4: Required Employment Forms I9 and W4

As required by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, you are required to provide proof of your identity and employment eligibility in the United States by completing the I9. This form must be completed by the employee on or before the first day of hire and the employer verification must be completed within the first 3 days of hire. You will not be inputted into the payroll system until the form is received by the payroll department. Please note the following:

  • Each department must designate a person(s) to act as the employer representative. If the department has questions about completing the employer verification of the I9, please contact Shelley Bartlett in Human Resources at.
    • The employer representative must make copies of the original documents being verified and return the completed I9 and document copies to Human Resources via intercampus mail at H-DH3-05.
    • For rehires, if the employee’s original Form I-9 was completed on a Form I-9 that is no longer used, a new I-9 must be completed (from the current/valid Form I-9) and attach it to the employees original Form I-9. If a current/valid Form I-9 is on file for a rehire, then the employee can be re-verified using the same Form I-9 (unless USCIS comes out with a new edition of Form I-9 that comes into effect prior to September 2024). In this case, the employer may complete a block on Supplement B, Reverification and Rehire, or employer can complete a new Form I-9.
    • Both the I9 and W4 are located under “HR Documents”.
    • Contact HR at for remote employees who are unable to meet on campus.

Step 5: MyADP Access

After HR receives the completed I9 (must be received no later than the 3rd day of hire), Adjuncts will receive a link to their personal email address with instructions on creating a MyADP account. Adjuncts will also receive an email on required onboarding. This will include the opportunity for each to enroll in Direct Deposit, as well as view the required policies and mandatory training programs.