Hiring Procedures and Forms

Hiring Procedures and Forms for Temporary Employees

Temporary Employment positions are part-time only with a maximum of 28 hours weekly. There are no benefits provided and are paid hourly for time worked.

Note: Union positions may be filled with a temp employee for a maximum of a 90 day period; maximum of 180 day period if employed for someone on LOA.

Temporary Employment Application

PRF for Approval for the Temp Position

It is essential that the job description for position requested to be filled is attached to the hard-copy Personnel Request Form (PRF). This hard-copy form needs approval through the appropriate approval cycle.

Background checks are processed via the Sterling E-invite online procedure for ALL new employees and updated requests for current employees.  Contact the Manager of Employment, Pat Miller  pamiller@fdu.edu with the first and last name and email address of the person for the E-invite.

PIN for Approval to hire for the Temp Employee

The approved hard-copy PRF form must be attached to the hard-copy Personnel Information Notice (PIN) and needs approval through the appropriate approval cycle.

If you know the person to be hired at the time of filling out the PRF (for the position), fill out the PIN (for the person) and submit together for approval.

Please contact the Manager of Employment at 201-692-2705 if you have any questions or concerns regarding employment of a temporary employee.

Hiring Procedures and Forms for Permanent Employees

Fairleigh Dickinson University has a formal hiring process. The four steps provide hiring managers with the detailed instructions and forms required to hire/replace faculty and staff vacant positions. The hiring process is also summarized in an online training presentation: HR Hiring Process.

Part I – The Approval to Hire/Replace a Position

The Human Resources department has implemented an enhanced online employment application system in order to automate many of the paper-driven aspects of our former process.

Hiring Official User Guide

Upon posting your position request, you will receive an email message advising you of the posting. Log on to the HR Employment website at http://jobs.fdu.edu/hr. To view the details of your posting click on the title of the posting.

If your job request involves a search committee review, please advise the Manager of Employment at 2705 to have a special account set up that can be used by the members of the search committee to log into the system and view the Applicants for the job posting. Also, the Manager of Employment must attend the initial search committee meeting to provide specific instructions related to the search process.

External Advertising

  • Determine if any external advertising will be required for the search (review the attached link to review recommended sources and prices). All departments are responsible for incurring the cost of external advertising.
  • Manager of Employment must approve all classified advertisements and will make the appropriate arrangements to place the AD.

The Manager of Employment has the following responsibilities:

  • Post the job on the Fairleigh Dickinson University’s employment site. In addition, all positions are automatically posted with the New Jersey Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (NJ HERC) web site, HigherEdJobs web site, and Jobs4Jersey.  There is no cost to the individual department for advertisements placed with these sources.
  • Post the classified advertisements in the external sources indicated by the department.

All Applicants Must Apply Online

In order to apply for a position applicants will be required to complete an online “Application for Employment” or a “Faculty Profile” which will be submitted with the required documents.

* All applicants must apply for all positions through the http://jobs.fdu.edu employment site. We cannot accept paper resumes/vitaes in lieu of the online process.

**The HR Job Posting System automatically emails the applicant an acknowledgement that the resume has been received and that the hiring official will contact only those individuals to be interviewed.

POLICY: Applicants will not be hired and employees will not be promoted or transferred: (1) into the same department, administrative or academic, in which a relative is already employed or (2) into a position in which the direct supervisor of that department is a relative.

Position Types

Please contact Pat Miller for one-on-one training and instruction in order to obtain an approval to hire/replace a position.

Contact Information

Pat Miller, Human Resources Manager of Employment

(201) 692-2705

Part II – The Interview Process

The Hiring Official should:

  • Review online resumes/material and select qualified applicants for interviewing.
  • On the Applicants display screen for the posting, change the status of each applicant as you review them. Applicants are initially “Under review by Hiring Official.”
  • Download the following interview guidelines and review prior to interviewing.
  • It is also recommended that the hiring official develop situational questions directly related to the vacant position.
  • Advise the candidate of choice that a Sterling E-Invite email to conduct a background check will be sent to him/her. Email the first and last name and email address of the candidate to the Manager of employment at pamiller@fdu.edu
  • Conduct interviews on the candidates selected.
  • Reimbursement of Interview Expenses for Candidate for Employment.

Part III – The Selection Process

The Hiring Official will log on to his/her online Posting/PRF and contact the Manager of Employment at 2705 or pamiller@fdu.edu (HR will walk you through the applicant status update and online PIN process).

All applicants must be updated to one of the following:

  • “Recommend for Hire” for the applicant of choice. This will trigger the online PIN process.
  • “Not Selected for Interview” (with the appropriate reason)
  • “Interviewed and Not Selected” (with the appropriate reason)

When the online PIN has been approved and the status of ALL applicants have been updated, HR will create the offer letter and will “fill the position” which will trigger the following action:

  • Applicants “Not Selected for Interview” will automatically receive the following email:

Although your credentials and work experience are most impressive, another applicant whose qualifications more closely meet our needs has been selected. Your interest in this position at Fairleigh Dickinson University is appreciated.

  • Applicants “Interviewed and Not Selected” will automatically receive the following email:

Thank you for the opportunity to interview you. It was a pleasure meeting you. Although your credentials and work experience are most impressive, another applicant whose qualifications more closely meet our needs has been selected. Your interest in this position at Fairleigh Dickinson University is appreciated.

Next Steps

  1. Download and print the Employment Verification Form. Contact the prospective hire’s previous employers listed on application. Record information provided in terms of titles, reasons for leaving, dates employed. The form you complete should indicate name of person spoken to, date and phone number. Completed form should be sent back to HR Employment Administrator.
The Manager of Employment will:
  • Initiate Background Check
  • Verify Education
  • Notify supervisor of the results of the background and education verification checks
  • Upon receipt of the approved online PIN, notify hiring official to set start date with candidate
  • Enter start date provided by hiring official on PIN
  • For non-faculty positions, send out the offer letter, copy to Hiring Official
  • For full time FACULTY POSITIONS ONLY, Manager of Employment will notify the Dean’s Office of PIN approval
  • The first and last name and email address for the Sterling E-Invite must be emailed to the Manager of Employment before the offer letter is sent to the new Faculty Member.
  • When the background check is completed the Manager of Employment will advise the Dean’s Office; the Dean will send out the offer letter. Sample: Offer Letter Sample Language
  • The effective start date for all faculty should be the first day of the semester for which the candidate is hired

Part IV – The Post Selection Process

The Hiring Official will:

1. On the first day of employment, the hiring department must have the new employee complete the following forms:

  • I-9 (a list of acceptable documents is on reverse side of form – Law requires that the new hire is responsible for choosing which of those documents to present).
    • Candidates cannot submit duplicated or faxed copies in lieu of the original documents. Original documents must be viewed and photocopied by a department representatives.
    • Department Representative must complete and sign Section 2 “Employer Review and Certification.”
    • Completed I-9 forms, along with copy of documentation, should be sent to Payroll (H-DH3-05) within 3 days of hire. Failure to do this will result in the immediate termination of employment.
  • W-4
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Data Collection Form
  • Invitation to voluntary self-identify form for individuals with disabilities and covered veterans

W-4 form, Data Collection Form, Confidentiality Agreement form, and Invitation to voluntary self identify form should be forwarded to HR/Payroll at H-DH3-05.

2. Have the employee contact fdutac@fdu.edu for assistance with any system needs including setting up email accounts. In this email, the employee must indicate they are a new employee, provide contact information and provide his/her employee ID (Datatel ID) if available.

3. Direct new employee to contact Public Safety to arrange for issuance of parking decal and ID card.

4. On the 90th day of employment, download and complete the 90 Day Introductory Report return to HR, at H-DH3-05.

If the new employee is in jeopardy of not passing their 90 day introductory period, please contact the Manager of Employment well in advance of the 90th day for guidance prior to termination.