Online Supervisor’s Manual

Human Resources Supervisor’s Manual

Welcome to the Fairleigh Dickinson University Online Supervisor’s Manual! The pages within contain information designed to help supervisors carry out their human resource duties.

If you have any questions about the manual, please contact us.  We always welcome your feedback and ideas on how to improve.

Rose D’Ambrosio

Associate Vice President for Human Resources/Payroll

Hiring Process

Provides information and guidance on the recruitment process for different University staff positions, and the selection and hiring of candidates.

Administering Employee Leave

Provides information and guidance on leave programs available to employees, including annual vacation, sick and personal leave, short term disability, Family Medical Leave, jury duty, and others.

Managing Performance and Conflict

Provides information and guidance on how to manage and maintain a high-performance workplace including annual performance evaluations and guidance for dealing with disciplinary concerns.

Operating within the University

Provides information and guidance on the University culture, work rules and operational guidelines such as minimum wage, overtime pay, and nepotism.

*Semi-Monthly Vouchers for non-exempt employees must be requested by contacting Payroll at extension 2710.

Keeping the University Safe

Provides information and guidelines to help supervisors assist employees in maintaining their safety and security including guidance on emergency preparedness, reporting an accident or injury and information on systems and security.

Leaving the University

Provides information and guidance for supervisors with employees who are leaving the University, including resignations, terminations and the online termination/transfer notification.

Please note that all in-voluntary terminations must be pre-approved by Human Resources.

Maintaining Diversity in the Workplace

Provides information and guidance on equal opportunity, affirmative action programs, and how to create and manage diversity in the workplace.