Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA)

ALPFA provides many programs and benefits to aspiring students interested in accounting, finance or related career professions. Benefits of student membership include access to scholarship opportunities, skills development workshops, networking with key hiring professionals and sponsors, and discounts on various ALPFA events.

Programs include but are not limited to:

KPMG Case Study Competition

KPMG sponsors the ALPFA student case study competition, which brings together accounting students from over 30 schools to solve complex accounting cases and present their findings to KPMG and ALPFA accounting professionals at ALPFA’s annual national convention. The competition teams students with KPMG professionals for several months of case preparation. The KPMG advisor provides their knowledge, experience, and time to assist the students as they research potential solutions to their cases. The experience exposes the students to the possibilities

ALPFA’s Annual Scholarship Program

ALPFA offers scholarships to students, in the US or Puerto Rico, who are pursuing undergraduate/graduate studies. The purpose of these scholarships is to encourage those students who have demonstrated academic excellence and financial need to continue pursuing their professional careers. Over the past 3 years, ALPFA has awarded students over $457,000 in scholarship money.

Student Workshops

Career-enhancing workshops designed to prepare students for the work environment.

Career Fair & Expo

Dozens of companies share and highlight the careers, products or services that their organization offers to students and professionals.

More Information

Email us at or visit New Jersey ALPFA.