Defense Acquisition University

Fairleigh Dickinson University has partnered with Defense Acquisition University (DAU) to offer DAU students a pathway to earning a university degree and advancing their career. Through this innovative collaboration, DAU students have the option to pursue an associate, bachelor’s, and/or master’s degree through FDU’s School of Professional Studies and School of Public and Global Affairs. Designed with flexibility for adult learners, courses are offered on-campus, fully online, or in a blended format consisting of online courses as well as off-site classes at various locations.

Students may receive transfer credit for prior college-level coursework taken at other educational institutions. Additionally, our advisors can evaluate work experience and professional training to determine applicability for college credit. Advanced standing is granted to those who qualify.

Degree programs

Depending on the level of education previously completed by each DAU Student, FDU offers various degree programs consistent with their educational goals.

Associate of Arts

The 60-credit Associate of Arts degree is for students who have never attended college or who are not ready to commit to a four-year bachelor’s degree. For more information, visit the Associate of Arts program at FDU.

BA Degree Completion

The Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies (BAIS) is a flexible undergraduate degree completion program. Students can transfer up to 90 credits from other institutions. Because DAU courses have significant rigor, FDU will transfer appropriate undergraduate DAU coursework that has been evaluated by the American Council of Education (ACE). In cases where the coursework has not been evaluated by ACE, an internal review by our Education Policy Committee will apply appropriate credits toward the appropriate degree program. Upon acceptance of the student at FDU, the student can request the review and transfer of courses. Common specializations include business, technology, healthcare and public administration. For more information, visit the Bachelor of Arts Degree Completion program at FDU.

Master of Administrative Science

For the graduate programs, the student can request transfer of courses that align with the degree they wish to pursue. ACE credits are accepted. In the School of Public and Global Affairs, students can transfer up to 9 graduate level courses for use toward the Master of Administrative Science, the MS in Cyber and Homeland Security Administration, or the Master of Public Administration program. For more information, visit FDU’s School of Public and Global Affairs.

Contact Information

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