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Abbott, John

Adjunct Faculty

Abboud, Noemy

Degree Audit Manager

Abdaljalil, Yousof

Adjunct School of Comp. Science & Engin.

Abdallah, Shafiq

Lecturer, Sch. of Pharmacy

Abdelnour, Alexis

Associate Director of Admissions

Abdelsalam, Dania

Adjunct Faculty

Abdul-Rahman, Azly

Adjunct Becton College
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Ablanitchki, Atanas

Adjunct School of Nursing

Abrunzo, Valerie

Admin Assistant to Dir of Transfer Students

Acevedo, Angela

Adjunct Faculty

Acevedo, Louis

Traffic Control Officer

Acquaviva, Annmarie

Adjunct School of Nursing

Adamo, Gaetano

Adjunct Faculty
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