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Abbott, John S.

Adjunct Faculty

Abboud, Noemy

Degree Audit Manager

Abdaljalil, Yousof

Adjunct School of Comp. Science & Engin.

Abdelhadi, Mohammed H.

Food Service/Bookstore Vol

Abdelnour, Alexis S.

Director of Admissions Marketing

Abdelsalam, Dania K.

Adjunct Faculty

Abdul-Rahman, Azly

Adjunct Becton College
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Ablanitchki, Atanas A.

Adjunct School of Nursing

Abrams, Daniel L.

Adjunct Faculty

Abreu Haines, Mercedes

Adjunct School of Education

Abreu, Yosmairy

Food Service/Bookstore/Collegiate Press

Abrons, Peter E.

Adjunct Faculty

Abrunzo, Valerie L.

Admin Assistant to Dir of Transfer Students

Ace, Sam

Blackbelt Employee

Acevedo, Angela M.

Adjunct Faculty
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